The Mind Benders

mb-coverTitle: The Mind Benders

Author: Cyril Vosper

ISBN: 0854350616

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Scientology materials are reproduced and quoted in the book. In an apparent attempt to prevent publication of the book, the Church of Scientology sued for breach of copyright and breach of confidence.  Their case was rejected.

Vosper was probably also subjected to extra-legal action.

Vosper subsequently became a deprogrammer, working to extract individuals from groups he considered to be cults. In November 1987, while a committee member of the British anti-cult group, FAIR, he was convicted in Munich on charges of false imprisonment and causing bodily harm to German Scientologist Barbara Schwarz in the course of a deprogramming attempt. He received a five month suspended sentence.

Deprogramming (and the related ‘brainwashing’ theory of cult conversion) are discussed in a number of books listed on the “Brainwashing? Pros and Cons” page.