Have You Told All?

Catton-Have-You-Told-All-Narconon-2013-CoverTitle: Have You Told all? Inside My Time With  Narconon and Scientology

Author: Lucas A Catton

ISBN: 9780615768724

 Lucas Catton was a Scientologist for 12 years and contributed to many Scientology-related activities.

He was introduced to the organization primarily through its chain of drug rehabilitation facilities branded “Narconon”, and worked with them for over ten years in various capacities, finally rising to the position of  President of their flagship facility in Oklahoma – “Narconon Arrowhead”.

He sits in a unique position of having arguably more knowledge than anyone else who has publicly addressed the inner workings of the Narconon network and its connection to Scientology in the 21st century.

He decided to speak out publicly following a series of deaths tied to Narconon in hopes of shedding light on the organisation’s operations so as to bring about an end to the harmful practices of the church of Scientology.