Satan’s Power

Satans PowerTitle: Satan’s Power

Author: William Sims Bainbridge

ISBN: 0520057317


William Sims Bainbridge is a respected scholar of the sociology of religion. This books is an account of his long-term study of the ‘Process  Church of the Final Judgement’ – an offshoot of Scientology.

The author spent six months as a participant observer of Scientology, and several years as a member of the Process Church. This is an in-depth sociological  study not only of Scientology, but also of one of the earliest ‘squirrel’ groups (the Scientology term for breakaway organisations).

Bainbridge used pseudonyms to protect not only the individuals he worked with, but also the organisations. Scientology became”Technianity”,  L. Ron Hubbard was called “Gordon Rogers”, and The Process Church became the “The Power Church”.

The history of the Process Church is bizarre, even for a New Religious Movement. Although it was short-lived, it continued in other forms, first as the Foundation Faith of the Millennium, and most recently as the Utah-based animal sanctuary, Best Friends.

The book cover, and title, were allegedly insisted upon by the publisher in the hope that this academic work would be able to cash in on contemporary (and sensationalist) news coverage of Satanism.

This book is rare, and second-hand copies are extremely valuable – if you find a cheap copy buy it immediately.