Strange Angel

Strange Angel CoverTitle: Strange Angel: The Otherworldly Life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons (2005)

Author: George Pendle

ISBN: 0297848534

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This is a fascinating account of the life of John Whiteside Parsons , who lived a strange double life as a (largely self-taught) pioneer rocket scientist and follower of notorious occultist Aleister Crowley.

It is included here as several chapters describe Parson’s relationship with the founder of Scientology (L Ron Hubbard) during which they practised ‘black magic’ together, and a detailed description of other aspects of the obscure period of Hubbard’s life before he created Dianetics.

Hubbard’s involvement with Parsons, and the sexual nature of some of the rites that they performed together have been a long-standing embarrassment to the Church of Scientology. The Church of Scientology have attempted to divert attention from the truth by claiming that Hubbard was working undercover for Naval intelligence during this period, as the US government was concerned about Parson’s influence on “nuclear scientists” who were supposedly among  the people who lived in his informal commune.

This, incidentally, allowed the Church of Scientology to simultaneously address allegations that Hubbard claimed 21 military decorations (including two that were not minted during his service) when official records state that he received only four routine medals – they suggest that his real war record was altered to provide a cover story. These claims are debunked in the online document “Ron the War Hero

According to the Church of Scientology:

“Hubbard’s mission was successful far beyond anyone’s expectations. The house was torn down. Hubbard rescued a girl they were using. The black magic group was dispersed and destroyed and has never recovered”.

This is part of a reply given to an article in the UK Newspaper, the Sunday Times, which can be seen here.

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