Lonesome Squirrel

online onlyTitle: Lonesome Squirrel

Author: Steven Fishman

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In July 1998 Fishman was charged with a million dollar financial fraud. As he had spent approximately 30% of his ill-gotten gains on Scientology, and the FBI investigated the possibility that the Church of Scientology had been involved in his scheme. Only Fishman was convicted and imprisoned.

Fishman was later also charged with obstruction of justice – during his trial, in apparent collusion with the Church of Scientology, he submitted forged documents and made false statements to conceal their involvement with the fraud. Scientology subsequently sued Fishman for libel over these claims. He responded by including a number of documents to the court (and the public record) including versions of Scientology’s secret teachings, previously only known to elite Scientologists.

Fishman is, perhaps, not an entirely reliable source – but this story about how the ‘Operating Thetan’ levels first  became public, is an essential read.

Edit 19th August 2015: For a alternative view of this text (as a work of fiction, designed to establish a connection between Fishman and Scientology would did not, in fact exist for legal reasons see Tony Ortega’s examination of Lonesome Squirrel.