The Psychiatrist Who Cured the Scientologist

the psychiatrist who cured the scientologistTitle: The Psychiatrist Who Cured the Scientologist

Author: Aaron David Gottfried

ISBN-10: 0981057209
ISBN-13: 978-0981057200

The author of this book was book was brought up in a Scientology family and suffered the consequences of Scientology’s institutionalised hostility to psychiatry.

He developed bipolar disorder, which was ineffectively ‘treated’ with Scientology. It was not until he left the Church and approached a psychiatrist that he found relief from his symptoms.

We should remember that he had been taught that psychiatry was a worldwide conspiracy to oppress and exploit mankind which had been responsible for, among other things, the Nazi Holocaust. It was a brave thing to do.

This book describes the author’s experience with both the Church of  Scientology and the profession that is demonised by it.

The Author appeared on daytime TV in the US, and was interviewed about his book shortly after its publication.

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