heads_bearTitle: Heads

Author: Greg Bear

ISBN-10: 0812519965
ISBN-13: 978-0812519969


This is well-written ‘hard’ science fiction. In a future lunar colony, an epoch-making experiment is placed in jeopardy by a fanatical ‘religious’ cult who are willing to do anything to insure their founder’s eternity.

In his introduction to the book, Bear described it as working out his anger at “The cults of true believers who try to have science and religion mixed into the same cocktail (Scientology is the obvious target here).”

‘Logology’ stands in for Scientology and L Ron Hubbard is replaced by one Kimon Thierry whose cult creation the protagonist describes as “[..] puerile hypothesis , and even outright fantasy masquerading as revealed truth”. The cult which Bear creates has little direct similarity to Scientology – but the same principles apply.


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