An Essay on Scientology: Overview of the Cult’s Ideology

online onlyTitle: An Essay on Scientology: Overview of the Cult’s Ideology

Author: David John Carter

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This is an account by a disaffected Scientologist of what he actually believed when he was a member. It straightforwardly presents his interpretation of the concepts that made up Scientology when he was a believer, and offers an insight into the beliefs of those who are still committed to the Church of Scientology.

It is not an apologist text. The author compares auditing to a drug which make you temporarily happy, but quickly wears off and states that is much happier now that he has put Scientology behind him. He has rejected Scientology.

The last two chapters attempt to explain:

  1. What initially attracted himself (and others) to Scientology
  2. The reasons that Scientologists become disaffected