Scientology: Inside the Cult

1995 Scientology: Inside the Cult |Carlton TV (UK) | Download as .mp4

Carlton TV investigative reporter Ali Braund goes undercover with a hidden camera in the Poole (UK) organization (famously recording a ‘parishioner’ shouting at an ashtray as part of his ‘training’) . Journalists also used other contemporary sources to make this landmark documentary about Scientology.

The Church of Scientology’s  subsequent attempt to sue the programme makers in order to prevent its broadcast was dismissed as an abuse of the courts.

This video (made in 1995) seems to be ahead of its time, dealing as it does with abuse of members of the  Sea Org, the use of ‘hard sell’ techniques), the (temporary) emotional high induced by auditing,  pseudo-medical claims (for example improved memory) and the policy of “Fair Game”.  However, it is actually a demonstration of how little Scientology has changed since David Miscavige came to power.