The Man Behind Scientology

the man behind scientologyTitle: The Man Behind Scientology

Author: Stories by Thomas C Tobin Photos by Robin Donina Serne for  the St Petersberg Times

Full Text Online: HTML


The first newspaper interview with David Miscavige (and one of the very few genuine media interviews he has given). It dates to the period shortly after the Church of Scientology ‘won’ its conflict with the US tax authority (the IRS). Miscavige presents himself as a peacemaker, who aims to “[…] end hostilities” between the Church with the town of Clearwater.

Scientology established its headquarters, and many of its most important facilities in Clearwater around 1975. This was initially done by stealth (i.e. buying property in the name of various Scientology front groups). This, and the subsequent behaviour of the Church has created ill-feeling between Scientology and the town which continues to this day.


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