The Compeat Aberee

compleat-aberreeThe Compeat Aberee |

After the publication of “Dianetics  in “Astounding Science Fiction”, in 1950,there was a brief vogue for L Ron Hubbard’s first creation, Dianetics.

Initially there was at least the illusion that these pursuits permitted free inquiry. However, before long Hubbard insured (by building in a harsh system of internal discipline into Scientology the successor to Dianetics) that he was the acknowledged to be the only ‘authority’ on the subject – Dianetics and Scientology began their transition from failed science to oppressive religion.

The Aberee was a cheap publication produced and circulated between 1954 and 1965 by enthusiasts in the  days when Scientologists could speak freely about their interests – and even laugh about some aspects. It was billed as “The Non-serious Voice of Scientology”.

This site contains scans of the complete run of publications – which were never copyrighted. They provide an insight into the early days of Dianetics and Scientology, a resource for scholars studying the history of the movement – and the occasional laugh.

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