Secret OT (Operating Thetan) Levels

otSecret OT Levels | L Ron Hubbard et. al. |
Download File from Wikileaks
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The files above were removed from Mega (a cloud service I had been using to provide downloads) on the 20th of April 2015, after a complaint by the Church of Scientology. They are now hosted elsewhere, and you can download them again.

These are the materials for the eight ‘Operating Thetan’, or OT levels – completing the instructions in these pages constitutes the highest achievement in Scientology. L Ron Hubbard’s handwritten versions are reproduced in these pages. They include OT3, which contains the ‘Xenu story’ satirised on “South Park” and elsewhere.

Since this version was published, the material has been split up into a greater number of discrete steps. The Church of Scientology claims that this streamlines the process. Critics suggest that it enables them to charge more money for the same material.

Scientologists believe that these texts are kept secret because reading them without being properly prepared is lethally dangerous – for example, Hubbard explicitly warns that reading the OT3 level before being prepared by Scientology study will result in death by pneumonia.


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