The Bridge

The_Bridge_(2006_drama)_DVD_boxart2006 The Bridge | Brett Hanover

“The Bridge” is a 2006 drama film directed by film maker Brett Hanover

Although the story (following an individual’s recruitment, involvement and disillusionment with Scientology) is fictional the film explicitly uses Scientology terms throughout. It also includes clips from real, contemporary Scientology promotional and training videos. It was released as free use media to the Internet in September 2006 by the film maker.

The fact that the film accurately depicts the way people talk and behave within Scientology orgs provides some insight for outsiders – providing they have studied the cult sufficiently closely to understand what is going on.

The brochure of the Indie Memphis film festival stated that The Bridge was the “first feature film” about the Church Of Scientology.

Click on the ‘More’ link below to watch the video.


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