2,826 pages of L. Ron Hubbard’s FBI Files, 1943-1993

FBI26 pages of L. Ron Hubbard’s FBI Files, 1943-1993 (Download)
FBI (various)

Released in 2009 this file include the full set of US Freedom of Information Act disclosures, parts 1-8, from the Federal Bureau of Investigations records (1943-1993) on the founder of Scientology regarding L. Ron Hubbard and the organization he created.

It includes letters which Hubbard wrote to the FBI in which he tried to take advantage of the communist witch hunt to persecute perceived enemies by making unfounded accusations against them – and the terse opinion of an FBI agent who read many of his letters… “Appears mental”.

Partial excerpts of this information have been released by media outlets in the past, but the full release was only readily available by commercial resale.


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