L Ron Hubbard Autopsy Report

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Historians know that the best way to find out the truth is to go to reliable, original, documents. In the case of the death of L Ron Hubbard the medical records are paramount – so today’s post is Hubbard’s autopsy report.

The Church of Scientology line is that Hubbard  ‘dropped the body’ (i.e. died) voluntarily, because being embodied was  impeding his ‘research’, which he is supposedly continuing in a disembodied form.

Although Hubbard’s body was cremated (some would say with indecent haste) the autopsy did not support this image of universal genius and capable researcher. His physical condition was extremely poor. Notably, the great enemy of psychiatric medication had been dosed with a tranquilliser used to calm disturbed individuals, and his body bore 10 recent needle marks.