Scientology ‘Assists’ Handbook

touch assistScientology ‘Assists’ Handbook
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The file above was removed from Mega (a cloud service I had been using to provide downloads) on the 20th of April 2015, after a complaint by the Church of Scientology.

This is the handbook issued to Scientologists who are being ‘trained’ to perform ‘assists’ (for example the ‘touch assist‘ seen in the image).

These are techniques which are  officially claimed only to “alleviate physical pain and discomfort”.  Unofficially,  however, miraculous cures are routinely attributed to ‘assists’ .

For example , to quote from this document,

“[…] the ‘Bring Back to Life Assist’ which has been successfully used to revive a person who has literally left his body for dead”.

The handbook also lists the following ‘cures’:

  1. A child being treated in hospital for  “[…] an obsessive nosebleed […]” (whatever that is) was not only cured but ,”The assist actually saved the girl’s life”.
  2. Someone “too weak to stand” was “cured” in six minutes.
  3. A man cured of depression after the death of his wife.

These stories of  ‘miracle cures’ present a difficulty for the Church of Scientology. There is no supporting evidence for them, and they cannot be repeated under controlled conditions – so they break  laws which prohibit medical claims that cannot be supported by evidence.

their solution is apparently to distribute the handbook is only among Scientologists who are sufficiently committed to believe that Scientology is more effective than modern medicine (and will keep the contents secret).  In this closed world, unsupportable medical claims can be made without fear of prosecution thanks to religious cloaking.

Readers should bear in mind that, while the ‘techniques’ described here, and the claims made for them,  are truly ridiculous there is a deadly serious aspect –  Scientologists routinely apply ineffective ‘assists’ to dangerous medical conditions and thereby delay proper diagnosis and real treatment. Critics often wonder why so many Scientologist seem to die of cancer – one explanation is that they attempt to treat it with ‘assists’ until the disease is too advanced for conventional therapy.