Church secrets and Legends: Scientology

church secrets and legends2014 | Church Secrets and Legends | Season 1, episode 3 | Travel Channel (US)

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“Church Secrets and Legends” is a series of42-minute programmes which cover the weirder, darker side of a number of churches and religious organisations. Each episode presents a variety of stories. This one begins with 8 minutes about Scientology.

The download contains the entire programme in HD, and the streaming link  only the Scientology segment (play it in the video window after the ‘Read More’ link below).

The Scientology material includes a potted history of the Church (including excellent ‘dramatised’ scenes using  actors to play Scientology’s founder, L Ron Hubbard and some of his early followers). It includes the Church’s  secret teachings about ‘Xenu’ and its spying activities (including ‘Operation snow White’).  It also discusses Scientology’s obsessions with celebrity and money, and interviews prominent critics who conclude (without rebuttal from the Church) that the organisation is collapsing.

There is nothing new presented here – what it interesting is that such a programme can now be broadcast without it’s creators being deterred by the Church of Scientology’s fearsome reputation for litigation and extra-legal persecution of critical presentations like this.