Scientology and “Millenium” – An Overlooked Satire

selfosophyMillennium: Jose Chung’s Doomsday Defence (series 2, episode 9)

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“Millenium” was an American television series which ran from 1996 to 1999. It was  created by Chris Carter (best know for “The X-Files”) and follows the investigations of Frank Black, a consultant for the FBI. Black has the ability to see inside the minds of violent criminals, and is a member or the mysterious ‘Millennium group’.

This episode is a wonderful ‘wild card’. It is a funny and merciless send-up of Scientology (AKA Selfosophy) which also mocks the  characters and the series itself.

Juggenaut Onan Goopta (AKA L Ron Hubbard)  fails a basic college biology course, and is later admitted to hospital for a mental breakdown. Here,  he embarks on a new career as a pulp fiction writer. He finds some success, because his detective stories “[…] are so bad that they are mistaken for brilliant parodies”. After the collapse of the magazine that had sustained him,  Goopta takes desperate measures, “In a single feverish night he managed to crank out a book that changed the course of human history”. This is entitled “SELFOSOPHY” (AKA Dianetics). Institutes of Selfolosophy soon appear, managed by elite staff who proudly wear uniforms modelled after those of the US Postal Service (AKA Sea Org).

It gets sillier… and funnier…  as the plot develops. Who knows how they got away with it.