The Red Volumes – Scientology’s “Tech” in Hubbard’s own Words

The Red Volumes  | L Ron Hubbard

red vols

Open Folder to Access 33 files Online  | Download everything as a .zip file

The files that the links above lead to have been removed from the cloud service “Mega” after a complaint from the ‘Church’ of Scientology that they are copyright material.

Think about that: Scientology, which claims to be religion, is so afraid of what the general public might think, if they read about official Scientology doctrine and practices, that they use copyright claims to prevent you reading about them. It’s rather like Christians trying to suppress all knowledge of the doctrine of the Trinity outside of the Church. What is Scientology afraid of?

luckily, I still have the files, and will work on another way of making them available. Watch this space!

Scientology has not one, but many holy books – and they were all written by L Ron Hubbard.

A number of Hubbard’s  books started life as occasional writings issued to members of the Church and its management. Since his every word was considered by believers to be vitally important, these were later indexed and collected in a large number of bound volumes. Hubbard issued so many “Technical Bulletins” during his life that these collections resemble an old-fashioned encyclopaedia series.

The whole series is divided by subject into three sets –  ‘The Red Volumes’, the ‘Green Volumes’ and the ‘Blue Volumes’. The first two are typically available to anyone in a Scientology Org. The Blue Volumes, however contain secret teachings. Scientologists believe that it is potentially dangerous to even read these if you have not been prepared by extensive training, and have been closely guarded.

Today’s link is to a source of the 18 ‘Red Volumes’ or ‘Tech Volumes’. These substantial books are printed in red ink on white paper, and bound in red covers (hence the name). They record, in chronological order, the development of what Scientologists call “The Tech”. This includes Hubbard’s detailed directions concerning:

  1. ‘Auditing’ – that is, the one-on-one  process of neutralising the supposedly long-lasting effects of traumatic memories suffered in this life (and later, also in imagined past lives) which Hubbard claimed to have psychotherapeutic and medical benefits.
  2. Practices that are supposed to enhance the ability to study, such as word clearing and clay table demonstrations.
  3. The use of the e-meter. Critics note that this simple electrical device merely measures the electrical resistance of a persons skin. Scientologists believe it measures thought and can be used, with the correct training, to read minds and detect lies.
  4. Some information about secret ‘OT’ levels.

Although efforts have been made to organise Hubbard’s writings in a rational manner, Hubbard was not a disciplined writer. Whatever the subject, readers can expect extended (often irrelevant) digressions and the use of an often impenetrable jargon. For an outsider (like me) this material is not an easy read.

I would be grateful to any ex-Scientologists who would care to help me understand this material &/or correct any errors I have made in presenting it through the comments (below) or the feedback page.

Hubbard’s own words are a powerful resource for critics. They reveal many deeply unattractive aspects of his personality and teachings (including racism, homophobia, misogyny and an  ruthless attitude towards criticism). It is hard for current  Scientologists to deny this, when can read it for themselves in the books made available in their own Org.



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