The Green Volumes – L Ron Hubbard: Dysfunctional Office Manager

The green volsGreen Volumes | L Ron Hubbard

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The  link above was briefly removed from the cloud service “Mega” after a complaint from the ‘Church’ of Scientology that it contained are copyright material.

It’s now working again. A folder will open, right-click each filein turn and select ‘download’.

Think about that: Scientology, which claims to be religion, is so afraid of what the general public might think, if they read about official Scientology doctrine and practices, that they use copyright claims to prevent you reading about them. It’s rather like Christians trying to suppress all knowledge of the doctrine of the Trinity outside of the Church. What is Scientology afraid of?

In a previous post, I provided links to “The Red Volumes or “Technical Volumes” number of bound books which contains all of the modifications Hubbard made to his ‘self improvement’ teachings over his lifetime.

Today, I offer the “Green Volumes”. These books are printed in green ink on white paper, and bound in green covers. They contain all of Hubbard’s occasional writings about administration and management, which are referred to as HCO PL’s (“Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letters”).

Doctrine requires Scientology organisations to be run according to the administration procedures that are set down by Hubbard in these volumes. These are believed to a distillation of the best administrative systems that Hubbard ‘researched’ during previous lives which, if properly applied, can never fail.The reality is more banal and very 1950’s in character. Hubbard’s ideas about business administration are quaintly old -fashioned. For example, they take no account at all of information technology. Instead, all Scientology organisations are required to display an “Org Board” in a prominent place. This is a simple organisational chart which is a hardly ground-breaking idea. Similarly, Hubbard advocates  a lot of paper-pushing between a variety of labelled baskets that administrators are required to keep on their desk.

It is hard to see how Hubbard’s ideas can be applied to a modern, electronically networked, business (whose employees might never share an office) without radically reducing its efficiency.

Nevertheless, the Church of Scientology promotes Hubbard’s  ‘admin tech,’  as set down in these books, as  a means of improving business efficiency. It does this through a variety of  front  groups which, having got their foot in the door, will urge Scientology ‘training’ onto both employer and employees.

Once again, I invite any ex-Scientologists who have made a closer inspection of these documents to correct my mistakes and add their insights in the comments (below) or via the feedback page.


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