The Blue Volumes – Secrets and Lies from L Ron Hubbard

blue volumesThe Blue Volumes | L Ron Hubbard

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These files were removed from the cloud service “Mega” after a complaint from the ‘Church’ of Scientology that they are copyright material. They are now available again

Think about that: Scientology, which claims to be religion, is so afraid of what the general public might think, if they read about official Scientology doctrine and practices, that they use copyright claims to prevent you reading about them. It’s rather like Christians trying to suppress all knowledge of the doctrine of the Trinity outside of the Church. What is Scientology afraid of?

The Blue Volumes of Scientology ‘doctrine’ are (unsurprisingly) bound in blue covers similar to those of the Red and Green volumes previously posted.

Unlike those, the Blue volumes are not made freely available to all Scientologists, as they contain potentially controversial doctrine and orders written and signed by Hubbard

They are presented by the Church as a chronological record of the ‘research’ and discovery processes which supposedly led  L. Ron Hubbard to formulate Dianetics and Scientology.

In actual fact, when read alongside a reliable account of Hubbard’s life, they chronicle the way in which his ‘doctrine’ did not develop as a result of scientific inquiry at all. Rather, policies were issued to control,  perceived, motivate members, and maximise Hubbard’s  personal wealth and power.For example, Hubbard began his campaign against psychiatrists at a time when Dianetics was being being criticised by the medical establishment. Critics would suggest that Hubbard’s writings were the result of scientific inquiry, but libellous fictions designed to protect the income he was receiving from Dianetics.

Strange diatribes about “the group who fights Scientology” (understood to be psychiatry) which Hubbard claimed  “appoints all the Health Ministers” date from a time from Scientology was under investigation in the UK on the orders of… the Government Minister for Health. This process later led to Hubbard being excluded from the county (ironically, the legal term used was “Undesirable Alien”).

These documents also reveal a preoccupation with raising money, and avoiding expenses. Hubbard’s elaborate and barely credible justifications for these policies fail to disguise their real motive – simple greed.

These documents reveal that Hubbard modified Dianetics on a day-to-day basis with the fixed aim of controlling the perceptions of members and maximising income.

As with the Red and Green volumes, these are not a quick read, but primary sources for research. Again, I strongly suggest they are read alongside reliable account of Hubbard’s life (comparing dates) which will reveal how Dianetics and Scientology were continually fine-tuned, not as part of a quest for truth, but to further Hubbard’s obsession with maintaining absolute control over Scientology.

As always if any ex-Scientologist who has studied these documents would like to comment (below, or on the feedback page) or correct any of me misconceptions they are most welcome.



One thought on “The Blue Volumes – Secrets and Lies from L Ron Hubbard

  1. The zip file is not the Research and Discovery volumes. It’s for the LRH ED binders, also blue, but completely different.

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