“The Auditor”: 30 Years of Broken Promises from L Ron Hubbard

the auditorI recently came across a large number of .pdf  documents –  scans of a Church of Scientology periodical called “The Auditor” that more-or-less cover the period from 1966 – 2000.

Providing you have Adobe Acrobat, or a similar program, installed on your computer, you should be able to read these ‘newspapers’ as easily as an eBook. With the correct application installed, they can also be viewed on tablets.

“The Auditor” was a monthly Scientology newspaper, which was distributed to members of the church worldwide. As you can see from the image to the left, it was an old-fashioned monochrome publication on newsprint.

These files represent a primary source for claims made that the Church of Scientology has made over the last 30-odd years. Most copies were released when it was still led by its founder, L Ron Hubbard.

Read on for a few extracts from these files – and links enabling you to save and view them –  one at at time, or all in one download.

How To Download and View

There is 2.5 Gigabytes worth of material here (2Gb for the .zip file). If a  lot of people try to download them at once, they might use up all the bandwidth – so if you get an error try one of the mirrors.

The files are not in three parts. You only have to download one .zip file, which contains everything. Please check that you have enough space on your hard drive before you begin a download.

Open Folder to Download Individual Files Download everyting as a .zip file
If the links above do not work,please use the alternatives below
Mirror One (folder) Mirror One (.zip file)
Mirror Two (folder) Mirror Two (.zip file)

A Few Extracts

I have dipped into these files, here and there – and every issue is a revelation. Completely at random:

Advertisements in issues 70, 82 and 86 recruit staff for a new venture – a drub rehabilitation programme called Narconon. Today, this organisation is under investigation by an Oklahoma Grand Jury.

Issue 41 includes images of the original Sea Org ‘officers ‘ being (not very) intimidating and ‘overboarding’  a remarkably compliant victim  (issue 41)

auditor overboarding

Issue 86 contains a mysterious warning (and possibly an example of Hubbard striking out against perceived ‘enemies’.

safespaceAccording to this forum post “Safespace” may have been the title of a film that was to be made in the early 1970s by the Church of Scientology (likely from a script by Hubbard).

“The story was about a group of people who had a means of taking people to a place of safety in exchange for all their worldly possessions and eternal servitude”.

Production does not seem to gone well. This mysterious notice is included in the small ads of “The Auditor”. By this time, the people who were involved in the production has been officially declared “Suppressive Persons” (enemies of the Church) and one Robert Miles seems to have picked out for retaliation. /page

This is only one of many opportunities for original research.super power

Finally, here’s news from Issue 157 which was released in  March 1979 – “Super Power will soon be released”.

SUPER POWER  A Super fantastic but confidential series of rundowns that can be done on anyone whether Dianetic Clear or not that puts the person into fantastic shape unleashing the super power of a Thetan.

The Church of Scientology has been as good as it’s word – the Super Power Building, custom designed to provide this ‘rundown’ opened in November 2013  – only 34 years late.

Reading these publications I was impressed at how little things have changed. All of the doctrines and practices of Scientology are there, complete with it’s front groups and hostility to criticism.

The only parts which look a little strange today are the photographs in the issues that were released when Scientology made its transition from ‘scientific therapy’ to ‘religion’, and staff members were shown sporting clerical collars and dress for a number of issues.

If you do any research on this material, or it provokes any memories, or you notice anything interesting, please comment below (with a reference to the file/issue/page if possible) or contact me via the feedback page.

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