The Beginner’s Guide to L Ron Hubbard

2008 | The Beginner’s Guide to L Ron Hubbard | Hardeep Singh Kohli | Channel 4 Television (UK)

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This programme was part of a series made by Channel Four television, called “The Beginner’s Guide to…

Celebrities come face to face with some of the world’s most talked-about religions, looking behind the headlines and exploring their unfamiliar rituals and regimes

The series covered Voodoo, Evangelical Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and L Ron Hubbard.  Kohli (who describes himself as a “secular Sikh)” was well-know for his varied career as a stand-up comedian, writer and broadcaster, and was selected to present the final programme, about Scientology.

Kohli was refused access to Saint Hill (the Church of Scientology in England declined to participate, stating that they found in insulting that a comedian had been selected to present the programme about them). This was a misguided attitude, as he actually takes his role seriously, and would probably have given them a fair hearing, not to mention an opportunity for national publicity.

The programme then became a sort of road trip, with the team travelling to Moscow and Munich in search of believers who would participate. They finally come to rest among the “Free Zone” an association of Independent Scientologists.

Kohli’s interaction with these people include his attempts to produce a ‘clay demo’, his ‘Training Routines’ and film demonstrations of an “Auditing” session(the first to be broadcast on British television).


Edit – A version with Multiple Translations

A kind reader has pointed out this ‘international’ version. If you click on the ‘CC’ button at the bottom right, English captions appear. If you then click on the ‘gear’ button you change the caption  language from English to  French, Russian or Spanish.

Thanks mate.


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