“The Hard Sell Pack” – From the Works of a Greedy Monkey

hard sell1987 | The Hard Sell Pack | From the Works of L Ron Hubbard
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Scientologists called “Registrars” are tasked with selling “Scientology Services” – the various courses that constitute the practice of Scientology. Before they can begin this work, they are required to study a number of documents written by Hubbard including, “The Hard Sell Pack”.

This is a work of truly astonishing self-serving sophistry and misdirection. Like the previous post,  “The Ship’s Org Book”  the actual document is a loose connection of Hubbard directives, this time on the subject of selling Scientology services. Later packs contained required reading – a book by a car salesman purporting to teach “Big League Sales Closing Techniques“,

Hubbard’s  basic argument throughout is that Scientology is on a vital, time-critical, mission to save the planet. It is (supposedly) opposed by an organised conspiracy of corrupt bankers, tax-seeking governments and psychiatrists. Consequently, Scientology desperately needs to make money to defend itself and swell its ranks with new recruits. Its mission is so important, that normal ethical restraints do not apply –  the ends justify the means.

On page 11 Hubbard notes:

Control = Income […] As any control we exert upon the public brings about a better society, we are entirely justified in using control.

And on page 17:

[…] life insurance, cars, bonds, college savings, are all transitory and impermanent and based on things not surviving, or in things that are in fact being destroyed.

Advanced courses rehabilitate the Thetan to his OT abilities and last forever to give immortality.

The cynicism is breathtaking.

The modern Church of Scientology is putting its members under incredible pressure for ‘donations’. Apologists for Hubbard sometimes claim  that this was not what he intended – that this obsession with money is due to the corruption of the Church under its new management.

This document clearly demonstrates that this  is simply not true. It clearly  shows  Hubbard consistently arguing that the ends justify the means, and money must be obtained at any cost. He returns to this theme again and again over a period of years. Judging by the amount of time he spent writing about the subject, maximising income was a major concern for him.


2 thoughts on ““The Hard Sell Pack” – From the Works of a Greedy Monkey

  1. Great site, but just one little nit-pik:

    “This document clearly demonstrates that this excuse is simply not true. It clearly shows Hubbard arguing, in 1987, that the ends justify the means, and money must be obtained at any cost.”

    1987? Was he speaking from his saline grave?

    • Thank you. Duly corrected.

      When I described this document as ‘compiled from Hubbard directives’, I should have realised that this was generally done by others, after his death.

      Mind you, I could be wrong… he appears to be posting on G+… or is that just for the benefit of search engines?

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