Fight Scientology Link Rot – Send Me a File

broken link After I complained here that I couldn’t find a copy  of  “Big League Sales Closing Techniques” online (the subject of the previous post)  someone sent me a link.

Much thanks to my contributor – not just for the link, but for setting me thinking.

A lot of links to interesting  Scientology material have been published over recent years. Unfortunately many of them are now broken.

There are various reasons for this. For example, the closing of a cloud service called “Megaupload” (which had become popular with critics on various forums) was particularly damaging.

‘Link rot’ is setting in.

So… if there is anyone reading this who has any lonely files that looks as if they may belong on this site, please send me a link, or the file itself. If it’s good, I will make a copy in my own storage space and then post it here.

Contributors will remain absolutely anonymous unless they specifically request a credit.

Quid Pro Quo

Open folder to download individual files | Download all cloud-storagefiles posted here to date

To insure the future of the material on this site, I have it backed up in various places, so I might as well provide links.

If you access the folder, you can download individual files. Alternatively, you can have your own copy of everything by downloading the ‘Big Zip 1’ file.

Open folder to open the folder and download individual files up to June 13 2014

Download all files posted here up June 13 2014 as a .zip file

Be warned – the .zip file contains 8.8 Gb of data and is best downloaded overnight with a fast Internet connection.


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