An Undercover Operation in Madrid, Spain

Madrid SpainOne of the things that makes Scientology truly remarkable is how consistent and unchanging it is.

There are a range of undercover videos, on this site alone, that show people of different times, nationalities and cultures all being told the same story by Scientology, and following the same practices.

This programme, with English subtitles, dates from 2008. It is based upon very extensive hidden camera footage and features the Scientology Org in Madrid, Spain.

(BTW: I would appreciate it if any Spanish visitors could provide more details about this programme).

View online >>               Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Download as .mp4 >>   Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Or you can play embedded video at the bottom of the page, after clicking the ‘continue reading’ link.


The journalists are shown being approached by a Scientologist on the street, taking a ‘free personality test’ at the org and being pressured into paying for their first ‘courses’ of Scientology ‘training’.

Normally, this is where journalists withdraw. The Spanish team went above and beyond. They signed up, and read out parts of the restrictive contract (e.g. their ‘case folders’, which would contain confidential information, did not belong to them, but were the property of the Church of Scientology).

Scientology Training and the Exploitation of Children

They are filmed undergoing ‘training routines’ alongside children and, in one amazing incident, were actually ‘supervised’ by a young girl. They later spoke to her, on camera and discussed the reasons she did not attend school.

It emerges that there was extensive use of child labour to prepare the Madrid Org for its grand opening, by a film actor called Tom Cruise.

The programme continues with footage of Scientologist meeting together to listen to ‘success stories’ and ‘baptise’ a baby (an event which is exploited to deliver an extensive speech condemning Scientology’s scapegoat, psychiatry.

The next day, the reporter gets more ‘training’. A Scientologist commands her to touch a book, a table and a pen, over and over again. She must have done well, as she was offered a job ‘on staff’ (yes, on camera). She accepted, despite the farcical pay, and long hours.

Scientology Celebrities – and Controversial Doctrines

Next, there is footage of Tom Cruise (accompanied by Spanish ‘celebrity scientologists) opening the new Org, who appear later in more undercover footage personally promoting the organisation.

There is much more… including a senior org member carefully explaining that homosexuality is a “mental problem” that can be “cured” by Scientology.

Security Checks – and Game Over

At this point, the game is up. The reporter’s cover is somehow blown. She is surrounded by members including one who claims to a policeman. They try to search her bag for the camera, the policeman finally resorting to an accusation of theft to try to gain access. The reporter stands her ground, and then leaves.

This is one of the best and most revealing undercover operations ever filmed.





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