A Downloadable Scientology Publications Archive

matrixfilesMatrix Files http://matrixfiles.com/Scientology%20Materials/

As you can probably tell from the rest of this site, I am a critic of Scientology (and a general sceptic). However, here I am recommending a site by an ‘Independent Scientologist’.

This brave individual has uploaded an astonishing quantity of files covering a wide range of Scientology materials. These include Scans of books and magazines, audio files of Hubbard’s lectures, and much more. They can all be browsed and downloaded.

I am glad to say that we agree that:

  • Hubbard’s work should be judged on its merits.
  • You cannot do this without free access to his extensive writings, recordings and other texts
  • The Church of Scientology puts enormous effort into controlling access to this material – and cannot be trusted not to alter it whenever this suits their purposes

The fact that we do not agree about the value of Hubbard’s work does not diminish my respect for the person who provided this invaluable archive, or his refreshing openness. 

If you know your way around your computer, and would like a copy of the archive for yourself, the unusual structure of this site  enables you to do download it all to (and browse it from) your local computer.download

First, you will need to install a program called  htttrack that makes off-line copies of websites. The latest version is here. Instructions for starting the download are inside the very first folder at the top of the website, 00-README FIRST/

However – be warned. Although the owner states that “There are over 5Gb of data within this directory”  a complete download actually takes up7.11Gb of disk space.

I know, because I have followed the instructions,  and downloaded the entire site. Although have a 150Mb/s internet connection this process was limited by the speed of the server, and took nearly three days.

So – don’t even consider trying this unless you:

  • Are confident that you understand how httrack (the recommended website ripper) works
  • Have a lot of free storage space on your hard drive
  • Have a fast Internet connection(otherwise your browsing will be very slow for a few days)
  • Are prepared to leave your computer running overnight
  • Are blessed with infinite patience.

However, my download completed without a hitch. To browse the site online, I only have to open the folder where it is all saved, double-click the ‘index.html’ file then, when my  browser opens, click once on the ‘Matrix files’ text link. I can then browse the whole site offline.

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