Scientology Propaganda: The Books of Omar V Garrison

In the closing years of L Ron Hubbard’s life, critical books about Scientology kept appearing despite strenuous efforts by the Church’s ‘department of dirty tricks’ to suppress them. Hubbard’s response to this was to hire an outsider to write two books which which were designed to look like serious journalism, put were actually propaganda for The Church of Scientology.

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playing dirty backPlaying Dirty1980 | Playing Dirty: The Secret War Against Beliefs
Omar V Garrison
Read Online | Download as .html

ISBN-10: 093111604X
ISBN-13: 978-0931116049


hidden story1974 | The Hidden Story of Scientology
Omar V Garrison
Read Online | Download as .html
ISBN-10: 0806504404
ISBN-13: 978-0806504407

Garrison also wrote an official biography of L Ron Hubbard, which was never published.

Playing Dirty

This book follows more-or-less follows the the known history of the Church of Scientology – but takes great pains to Playing Dirtypresent all of the events that attract negative PR as the result of a complex conspiracy involving the medical profession, judiciary, international government and the FBI.

“Playing Dirty” tries to present itself as an investigation of a this supposed conspiracy against Scientology. Although totally unconvincing, it does a far better job that the incoherent propaganda that issues from the contemporary Church.

The Hidden Story of Scientology

Very similar to ‘Plying Dirty’, this book concentrates on the religious persecution hidden storysupposedly suffered by the Church of Scientology.

For example Chapter 3, “The Hubbard Electrometer (sic)” begins by simply reproducing Hubbard claims about the e-meter as if they were obvious facts, and then makes the tenuous case that the American Medical Association were practising religious persecution when they questioned those claims.

Every aspect of Scientology is ‘examined’ and found to be perfectly true. The author then argues that these ‘truths’ are under constant attack by vested interests such as the AMA, the World Health Organisation and (of course) Hubbard’s old enemy psychiatry.

These ‘argument’s’ are backed up by what seem to be very selective quotation from a completely unknown psychiatrist – who may even have been made up for the occasion. Like the previous book, this is crude propaganda masquerading as investigative journalism.

Garrison’s Disappearing Biography

Omar Garrison also wrote an official biography of L Ron Hubbard for the Church of Scientology. This was based on personal papers which Hubbard had ordered a Scientologist called Gerry Armstrong to gather together.

Unfortunately for Scientology, Armstrong was an honest man. Asgerry_armstrong his work progressed he could not ignore the fact that Hubbard’s account of his life (especially his farcical war record) was not supported by Hubbard’s own papers, let alone official records.

Armstrong took these contradictions to his superiors, suggesting that they should take a more realistic attitude towards Hubbard in his proposed biography. He encountered only hostility and suspicion.

Eventually, Armstrong became disillusioned and left the Church. Crucially, he took copies of a substantial part of this archive with him, which he leaked to journalists enabling the first accurate books about the history of the Church to be written.

Some sources assert that Garrison completed his official biography of L Ron Hubbard, he gave the only manuscript (entitled, “L. Ron Hubbard — His Life, His Loves and His Letters”) into the hands of David Miscavige. Others that the biography was never completed.

Year’s later, the ‘L Ron Hubbard  Series‘ was published by the Church of Scientology (now firmly ruled by David Miscavige). Over 16 volumes, they present Hubbard as a universal genius and polymath – adventurer, explorer,  writer, musical composer, performer, poet, photographer, master mariner… and more.

The Church, under Miscavige, had resolved to ignore the facts about Hubbard’s life  (and subsequently worked to suppress and obfuscate the evidence). Hubbard had been canonised, and nothing of Garrison’s biography  has ever been seen.

How to Read the .html Downloads

I hate link rot. Many critical sites are cursed with broken links. Consequently, I provide a link to the resource that I discuss and also a link to version that can be downloaded from my own data storage ‘in the cloud’.

It’s straightforward to offer .pdf or .txt files in this way – you just have to download and open them. However,  these books are presented in a website format – which is difficult to unpack.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Click on the link ‘Download the .zip file’
  • Double-click on the file, click ‘extract’ all and follow the instructions
  • Discard the .zip file
  • Open the extracted folder
  • Double-click on the ‘index.html’ file
  • Click on the (blue) text link in the webpage that opens

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