Testimony – The Autobiography of Margery Wakefield

testimony 1996 | Testimony: The Autobiography of Margery Wakefield | Margery Wakefield

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In 1991 Wakefield released a closely similar work  called The Road to Xenu. The introduction to this first book made clear that “Margery” was a fictionalized character whose story combined the author’s own experiences with those of other Scientologists.

In other words, like a television ‘docu-drama’, the people in this book were ‘composite characters’ – consequently, it was easier for the author to tell her inside story of Scientology and more difficult for the Church to identify individuals for retaliation.

The Road to Xenu was first released in printed form at the 1991 Cult Awareness Network conference in Oklahoma City (before CAN was taken over by the Church of Scientology). Two years later, it was published online and placed in public domain.

Five years after that, Wakefield released “Testimony” which is billed as “[…] her factual biography” . In this she describes her own direct experience in Scientology. The “Road to Xenu” was a pioneering work in many ways – it was a good read that was released online without copyright protection. “Testimony” reproduces much of this material, but provides more specific detail.



2 thoughts on “Testimony – The Autobiography of Margery Wakefield

  1. The experiences of Margery Wakefield exactly reflect the experiences of my wife and I as paying public members who both travelled the entire Scientology Bridge available up to and including 1983. I was already a highly qualified Chartered Mechanical Engineer and Fellow of the Chartered Quality Institute when we joined in 1972. I have continued to practice my own purified version of everything that is worthwhile. I have quality assured the contractors of a major oil company and originated the safety case systems that followed from the Piper Alpha catastrophe. I coach individuals and as a group to attain the more reliable equivalents of “Clear” and “OT8”. I will never stop using Scientology in an ethical manner. That is what Margery Wakefield is doing with her astonishingly true to life message.

    • Margery Wakefield was one of the first ex-scientologist authors I encountered in “The Road to Xenu: Life Inside Scientology” and found it to be an underrated text.

      With respect, as you can probably see from the rest of this blog, I find it difficult to see how Scientology can be applied in an “ethical” manner. So much of it (for example TR0) functions to create compliance, not personal development that after you discarded those aspects there would be little or nothing left. Neither have I ever seen any demonstrable benefit to Scientology practice – and certainly nothing the like the claims that Hubbard made for ‘Clears’ – e.g. total recall, enhanced IQ and improved physical health.

      May I ask what, in your view, are the benefits of your equivalents of ‘clear’ and ‘OT8’?

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