The Death of Scientologist Eli Perkins

perkins adeli_perkins_asIn 2003, 28 year old Jeremy Perkins stabbed his mother Eli 77 times. He was not responsible for his actions, because he was almost certainly suffering from a powerful delusion that was the result of untreated schizophrenia.

His mother had been a popular and committed Scientologist and had been taught that  psychiatry is the principal player in an international  conspiracy to suppress mankind (and especially Scientology). For example, the Church of Scientology holds psychiatry  specifically responsible for the Nazi holocaust.

Scientologists are taught to believe that psychiatric medication is one of the means by which psychiatry exercises control over people, and that “psych drugs” are to be avoided at all costs.

Consequently Eli was following the advice of a Scientology ‘doctor’, and  was ‘treating’ her sons condition with high doses of vitamins. Following this advice not only led to her death, but also condemned her son to life in a secure institution.

In 2006, the family ran the advertisement above in the LA Weekly as part of a protracted campaign. According to a family member who was still a committed Scientologist at this time their efforts were, “[…] like throwing a stone at the Empire State building.” The attitude of the Church of Scientology towards serious mental illness and psychiatric medicine certainly remains totally unchanged.

To their credit, the local newspaper covered the story extensively.

2005 | Enlightenment’s Dark Side | The Buffalo News | Mark Sommer

Read Online:

Part One: Enlightenment’s Dark Side  |  Part Two: Being In, Breaking Out 

Part Three: Helping Spread the Word  |  Part Four: Outside Critics are Unacceptable

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(Download all four parts combined into one .pdf document)

Tomorrow, these events will soon be covered in a television programme, “The Scientology Cure”. I hope to post a link to this as soon as possible after broadcast (watch this space). For today, here are links to an excellent series of articles in a local newspaper, the “Buffalo News”, which sets the scene, telling the story and providing detailed background information. Edit: See “The Scientology Cure


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