“The Scientology Cure” (Video) – The Church of Scientology’s Part in the Death of Elli Perkins

2014 | ID (Investigation Discovery Network) | Series: “Deadly Devotion” | Episode: the Sci cure“The Scientology Cure”

Watch Online | Download as .avi

This programme is a dramatised account of the death of Elli Perkins which includes interviews  with journalists and witnesses.

Elli was a dedicated Scientologist – one of the few (less than 20%) who had ‘achieved’ the level of OT3, which famously relates the much-ridiculed ‘Xenu’ Story.

The church of Scientology also teaches that psychiatrists and psychologists are part of a conspiracy to suppress mankind, and are responsible for much of the evil in the world (including the Nazi holocaust). The church teaches that this suppression in effected in the modern era by the the use of psychiatric medication (or “Psych Drugs”) which they campaign against.

Consequently, when Elli Perkins’ son was diagnosed with schizophrenia, she followed the Church’s advice, discontinued his ant-psychotic medication and attempted to treat him with vitamins. In the throes of a delusional psychotic episode, her son killed her – and Scientology’s cover-up squad sprang into action.

The ID channel has previously presented a dramatisation of  ex-Scientologist Nancy Many’s involvement with the Church “Dangerous Persuasions: Scientology – My eternal Contract” which was based on the account she gave in her book My Billion year Contract.


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