Official Documents from the Life of L Ron Hubbard

L-Ron-Hubbard-Navy-bCourtesy of  “The New Yorker” here are a number of scans of documents pertaining to the life of L Ron Hubbard.

View Online | Download as .pdf

They include:

  • His birth certificate
  • His academic record at George Washington University (where he claimed to have qualified as a “nuclear phycisist”.
  • His ‘Notice of separation from the US Naval Service’ (which includes a record of his postings and medals awarded)
  • A letter from John W Campbell Jr (editor of the pulp magazine “Astounding Science Fiction”) recommending Hubbard as a reliable contributor to his magazine
  • A Naval telegram removing Hubbard from command of his vessel  because “[…] he is not temperamentally suited for independent command” and recommending that he be “[…] ordered to other duty under immediate supervision of a more senior officer”
  • Details of the medal he claimed to have won – and official records of his official entitlement.
  • A letter from the Church of Scientology – which seems to be an attempt to hustle the US Navy into handing over the medals that Hubbard fraudulently claimed without checking. It failed.

The claims made on behalf of Hubbard by the Church of Scientology (war hero, nuclear physicist, highly decorated veteran, great leader &c.&c.) are so completely over the top, that few outsiders take them seriously. Still, it’s nice to see the primary sources that prove those claims to be completely fabricated.

For more background on Hubbard’s military service, see Ron the War Hero



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