Inside Scientology’s Rehab Racket (Narconon)

The fix2011| Mark Ebner | Inside Scientology’s Rehab Racket | The Fix (online)
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“The Fix” is a daily website concerned with drug addiction and recovery.  It features news, blogs, advice for recovering addicts and information form experts in the field.

In 2011 it published this article, by the investigative journalist Mark Ebner. He describes the Scientology front group “Narconon”.

Narconon offers a ‘detoxification’ process which is not only ineffective and potentially dangerous, but also a recruiting tool for Scientology – its ‘therapy’ consists of exactly the same teachings and practices that are presented to recruits at any Church of Scientology.

Ebner comprehensively examines Narconon’s nonsensical theories and practices regarding drug rehabilitation – and the human consequences. These include the death of an epileptic woman (who was told her medication was a  dangerous drug which she would not not need after she had completed the programme) and deaths due directly to the administration of the vitamin overdoses which are part of the programme.


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