A Takedown Notice from the Church of Scientology Removes its *Own* Doctrines from this Blog


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I suppose this had to happen eventually.

The cloud service Mega, which I use to provide downloads from this blog, have deleted 14 files from my account after a complaint from the  Church of Scientology that these are copyright material. These are all in the “Secret Scientology Texts and Media’ Section.

Think about that: Scientology, which claims to be a religion, is so afraid of what the general public might think if they read about official Scientology doctrine and practices, almost always laid down in the founder’s own words, that they abuse copyright in order to prevent you reading about them.

Shouldn’t Scientologists be trying to spread the word, not suppress it? It’s rather like Christians using the law to prevent non-believers learning about the sermon on the mount, or the ten commandments. What is the Church of Scientology afraid of?

However, as L Ron Hubbard himself said, complaints are a sign of success – so I am encouraged that this blog is making a difference. After the break, there is a list of the areas which I now know that the Church of Scientology is very afraid of the general public becoming aware of.

Edit The files affected are now available again, via new links in this post

The affected files include:

  • Scientology’s Security Checklists (including the notorious Johannesburg ‘confessional’ and the abusive Children’s security check)
  • The Blue, Green and Red volumes
  • OT (operating thetan) materials – including the OT3 level, which contains the ‘Xenu’ story. This can surely look after itself – Hubbard claimed that anyone reading this material with out proper preparation by he Church of Scientology would die of pneumonia.
  • An audio recording of Hubbard, in which he describes “The wall of fire” through which he had to pass to learn the secrets of OT3
  • ‘Revolt in the Stars’ a screenplay that Hubbard wrote which, incredibly uses the OT3 ‘Xenu’ story that is supposed to kill…
  • Scientology’s ‘Assists’ handbook, which describes Scientology’s form of ‘healing hands’ – including the tragicomic “bring back to life assist which consists of shouting “get back into the body” at a dead person.
  • ‘The Hard Sell Pack’ a compilation of Hubbard’s remarks which teaches Scientologists to sell Scientology services in the same aggressive way as used cars
  • A Sea Org ‘training manual’

Please be assured, I still have copies of all the affected files and the links will be restored as soon as find a way of storing them online which will not be subject to take-down (suggestions are most welcome).

mimi and eunice on copyright


3 thoughts on “A Takedown Notice from the Church of Scientology Removes its *Own* Doctrines from this Blog

    • Thanks for the offer. I seem to have managed to fix everything (but it would be nice to have additional resources just in case).

      I removed the address from your post to protect your privacy (if anyone wants to contact me without making their email address public can use the feedback page.

      PS: When I sent you an email, it bounced – Gmail says that yours is “not a valid domain”…

  1. Thank you for your work and giving me access to references. I’m assuming you read Tony’s article last week about Karen’s saga with her videos on U-Tube.

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