Narconon ‘Drug Rehabilitation’ is Scientology in Disguise – The Evidence – Part 1: Introduction

narc booksNarconon is a front group for the Church of Scientology. It purports to offer drug rehabilitation services. What it actually delivers is, for all intents and purposes, identical to Scientology training.

In the US, Narconon facilities take substantial  sums of money from people with drug issues, promise to provide effective drug rehabilitation in residential facilities, and then trains them to be Scientologists instead.

There are no Narconon residential facilities in the UK at present – but the Church of Scientology operates a variety of Narconon entities which present worthless ‘drug education’ programmes in schools and lobby for the creation of a UK treatment centre. At one point, Narconon Scotland attempted to promote a dangerous ‘home detox’ scheme by mail order, costing more than £150 a week. Mercifully, their website was closed down.

In this series of posts I hope to demonstrate that Narconon ‘rehabilitation treatment’ is Scientology recruitment in disguise, using its own literature. In each part, I will post one of the eight workbooks that are issued to Narconon clients and describe their content. It will soon become obvious that the activities required have nothing whatsoever to do with drug rehabilitation, but are actually Scientology training.

This series will consist of at least 11 parts – this introduction, one post for each of the eight workbooks, another for the L Ron Hubbard book “Clear Body Clear Mind” and (finally) a post which covers all passages which appear in all of the workbooks.

Front groups like Narconon are used by the Church of Scientology because (thanks in part to films like “Going Clear“) Scientology’s image is at an all-time low and recruitment is declining.  Instead of presenting itself honestly, the Church hides behind a bewildering variety of organisations – not only Narconon, but also Applied Scholastics and many others.

I object to Narconon because not only because it misrepresents itself but also because Narconon’s ‘treatment’ regime (based on the writings of L Ron Hubbard)  is at odds with scientific medicine at almost every point. It is at best ineffective and often positively dangerous. There is no scientific evidence to support Narconon’s inflated claims to success rates of better than 75% and Narconon presents some very questionable ‘research’ to support its claims. Narconon clients are being systematically deprived of proper treatment – and delays in the treatment of such a serious illness leads to unnecessary suffering and premature death.

This is illustrated by the experience of a German client of Narconon, who narconon affairs with addictionparticipated in a secret filming exercise which included footage of his fellow patients being drilled in the Scientology Training Routines which will be the subject of the next part of this series.

I would be very grateful to any ex-scientologists who could provide links to the Scientology training literature which corresponds to the material in each Narconon workbook  (e.g. from websites such as matrix files).

I will add these to each post to drive the message home: Narconon = Scientology in disguise. Please use the comments section below or the feedback page to suggest links.

Also, Narconon typically employs people clients who complete their course on staff as ‘supervisors’. There are a variety of Narconon books which instruct them in how to do this. There are also Narconon books which teach other aspects of Scientology and even one entitled, “Opening a successful Narconon Center” by L Ron Hubbard. I would be glad to obtain scans of any of these for later  inclusion in this series. There is a list here.

In the next post in this series, I will examine the first Narconon workbook. This is issued to recovering addicts and ‘teaches’ them Scientology’s ‘training routines’ – which include the bizarre drill which requires students to shout orders at an ashtray at the top of their voice (no – sadly, I’m not kidding).

As an introduction, you might like to visit this post in which two ex-Scientologists demonstrate Scientology’s training routines.


16 thoughts on “Narconon ‘Drug Rehabilitation’ is Scientology in Disguise – The Evidence – Part 1: Introduction

    • So far I have got to TR1 in the first Narconon workbook. I’m impressed by how little these ‘courses’ must cost to present, both for Scientology and Narconon. All you require is two chairs and a poorly-paid supervisor and you can occupy everyone for weeks an months. Compared to the amount Narconon charges, this deception must have been incredibly profitable.

      PS: My perspective is that of an outsider (because this is what I am). To make the point that this Narconon material is Scientology in disguise, I would appreciate any references to the materials used to teach TRs to Scientologists.

  1. Good job, scicrit. I admire you for taking on such a massive task to debunk all of the Narconon course books and program. I was a student and staff member at Narconon as a Course Room Supervisor, Graduate Officer, and Registrar before my escape November 2009. I was the person who uploaded the Clear Body, Clear Mind in 4 parts after an ex-NN student scanned the book. If you are looking for any particular document, please ask me: <

    • Well… I never realised how extensive a task it was going to be until I got started… I have one more post to go before I even finish book one. I suppose I won’t run out of material any time soon.

      I have never as much as taken a ‘personality test’ and, after working through the TRs I think I understand the experience of Scientology better than I used to – I will, of course, never understand what it is really like but I recommend ‘never ins’ work through this material for the insight. Consequently I would greatly appreciate any comments you have, as somewhere who has been there, on any of these posts.

      I must have your 4-part scan of book two, which I will come to soon (and thanks for that, too). I am planning to assemble it into one .pdf file to make it easier to download and follow. I already have the other six books. If you come across more up-to-date material – especially the books that promise to teach you how to open a ‘successful’ Narconon rehab I would be very grateful for a copy.

  2. Actually, there is a total of *NINE* Narconon Program Books because Book 4 has two parts (4a & 4b)… 4b gets into the Scientology Auditing processes with one Twin being the Auditor and the other Twin being the ‘Pre-Clear’. All nine Books must be complete before a student is given a Graduate Certificate:>
    •Narconon Course 1, Therapeutic TR Course
    (Book 2 is: Clear Body, Clear Mind – Sauna Purification Rundown))
    •Narconon Course 3, Learning Improvement Course
    •Narconon Course 4a, Communication & Perception Course
    •Narconon Course 4b, Communication & Perception Course
    •Narconon Course 5, Ups & Downs in Life Course
    •Narconon Course 6, Personal Values and Integrity Course
    •Narconon Course 7, Changing Conditions in Life Course
    •Narconon Course 8, The Way to Happiness Course

    Once these nine books are completed, the Narconon student may be required to participate in an “Extended Narconon Program” – usually only a few days to a week or so depending on what the Case Supervisor demands. The, there is one final course offered to all students – the FSM Course that instructs the Student how to refer addicts to Narconon and receive a 5-10% commission on approximateky $30,000 = $1,500 – $3,000. If the FSM succeeds in sending the addict directly to Narconon, they receive the 10% … if the FSM refers the reach/lead to a Registrar that closes the deal, the FSM only receives the 5% and the Reg receives 5%.

    • Just checked – I have them all – I just never thought of 4a and 4b as 2 books (which they are). In the same way, although there are only 9 TRs there are at least 12 distinct exercises and TR5 went AWOL years ago… I sometimes think the numbering of these things is deliberately confusing so as make people who have managed to sort it all out feel the more ‘expert.’

      The FSM course seem to be SOP for many areas of Scientology – although I don’t suppose there are any workbooks (or any other documentation) for such a cynical exercise, in case they leak.

  3. Aug. 25, 2015 WIRE SERVICE by David Love: “Scicrit, a sociologist from the UK, has published part one of a series will consist of at least eleven parts, debunking Scientology’s Narconon drug rehab centers. In a comment yesterday, Scicrit said, “Well… I never realised how extensive a task it was going to be until I got started… I have one more post to go before I even finish book one. I suppose I won’t run out of material any time soon.” MORE HERE::>>

    • I’m speechless (and that does not happen often). I suppose (a)this explains the recent increase in visits and (b) I’ll have to finish what I started, now. More later. Still pondering.


  5. Thank you for your commitment to this formidable project and recognizing the importance of a need-to-know public issue.

    I expect that your work will provide excellent documentation of the links between the cult of scientology and one of its vilest front groups, narconon.

    Showing that narconon is a predatory exploitation of desperate, vulnerable people that warrants total public exposure, makes a massive contribution to that effort. Bravo!

  6. Thanks for all you are doing to help expose Narconon!

    All the books are available for free online and linked here on Reaching For The Tipping Point forum
    David posted about them here,9728.0.html

    And I broke out each link direct to each book by title here,9728.msg21378.html#msg21378

    Over at Narconon Reviews, former Narconon grad and executive Eric Tenorio wrote information on the program, as well as listing components as comparing to Scientology ‘scripture’ and programs

    You can find more information here in the Researchers section

    Best wishes,


    • I believe this is where I downloaded these files (after a Google search) but I left them lying about for ages before I thought of something to do with them. Thank you for putting them out there in the first place.

      Everyone says that Narconon = Scientology, and I have never been involved with either, so I decided to closely examine the text of these ‘workbooks’ and see what I found.

      So far, I’ve just covered the TRs and some preliminary claims about the ‘purif’ and it’s clear that there is no practical difference – so much so that I have learned a lot about how Scientology is actually practised in the process of studying Narconon. That is valuable in itself, because I can now understand the experience of ex-Scientologists a little better.

      It also brings home just how Scientology is at best useless and irrelevant, at worst dangerous, as a drug rehabilitation therapy.

      When detailing the TRs, I occasionally stood back in astonishment because they (a) teach compliance rather than communication (b) induce altered states of consciousness (including hallucinations) which is probably one of the last things that you want to subject a recovering addict to.

      PS: This is an outsiders view – corrections and additional information are much appreciated.

  7. RE: Your third paragraph: “There are no Narconon residential facilities in the UK at present …” Narconon just opened a Narconon in the UK as seen here on this SEC CHECK website:

    I checked the Narconon’s International website, and Narconon UK is now listed. Also, here is a Photo of the Narconon UK Narconon that was published in the Scientology IAS (IMAPCT) magazine I received a while ago:


    • Thank you for pointing this out, and for the links. I (and others) have been following developments at this site with interest.

      There is also a ‘press release‘ which contains a lot of typically over-the-top Scientology propaganda, and quotes from some curious characters.

      These include someone who is said to be a professor, a hospital doctor and a member of a prestigious institution. There is also a representative of ABLE (a Scientology front group) and someone from the ‘National Drug Prevention Council’ (which sounds like another front) who is so impressed by L Ron Hubbard that she has to be Scientologist.

      We know that Scientology has a tendency to redefine words to suit itself. I suspect that, for Narconon UK “open” means something like ‘the interiors are finished and ready’. As far as I know, it does not mean that they have obtained regulatory approval, which is quite demanding here.Until they do that they cannot ‘treat’ anyone.

      I suspect the reason that they are making such a fuss it that the Church of Scientology is currently working hard on the PR front, trying to give the impression that it is expanding by opening new buildings all over the place (for which there is no demand… but still). For example, Ideal org buildings are constantly passing fund-raising ‘milestones’. However, they will never be renovated, let alone open.

      I suspect this Narconon facility is doing the same. Now that it is ‘open'(but not seeking clients) the next fund-raising campaign will be for money to ‘fight the psychs’ and obtain approval to take in ‘students’ – which will be endlessly delayed.

      Of course I could be wrong… but I assure you that, if ever there is a credible report that someone had entered into ‘treatment’ at this facility, there will be a lot of complaints lodged with a lot of regulatory agencies – at the very least.

  8. RE: “I assure you that, if ever there is a credible report that someone had entered into ‘treatment’ at this facility, there will be a lot of complaints lodged with a lot of regulatory agencies – at the very least.” … For sure there will be formal complaints filed, and I will file some. I filed one with the Human Rights Commission in the UK concerning someone who was abused at the NN that closed. He had Tourette syndrome and was humilated and abused because he could not sit still to do the TRs. In the UK, they have a Human Rights Commission and College of Physicians similar to what we have in Canada… and they have clout. Here is a LINK to what the College in Canada did to one Physician. They BANNED him:::>>>

    Here is LINK to the Human Rights Commission decisuion::>>>

    The above LINKS are from one of my websites:

    • My approach (up to this point) has been a little less ambitious, but it worked to shut down the website of a mad ‘detox at home’ scheme from Narconon Scotland , and I might dust it off again if the new Narconon ever advertises here (even in order to refer people to other facilities).

      Due to previous complaints being upheld, they cannot make any of their usual claims in the press or online, here. For example, if if anyone ever see them make the ‘drugs are stored in fat’ claim in print or online (or say that they can be ‘reactivated) in the UK that’s a no-no. Please tell me where these claims appear.

      This may not seem like much, but it does help to suppress their activities while they are not open for business, and make it less likely that they will be approved to do so (it’s kind of embarrassing when you have to admit to a medical regulator that you can’t describe the details of your treatment in a press interview because the Advertising Standards Authority have decided that there is no supporting objective evidence &/or that it is irresponsible).

      Presumably Narconon staff believed that Tourette’s was invented by ‘psychs’ to sell ‘drugs’ and it would go away as soon as they became involved. That’s not the scary part thought – the scary part is that they can’t admit they are wrong, and blame the victim – which is how seriously dangerous situations develop, especially behind closed doors.

      Overall, I think the regulatory environment is much stricter than it used to be and those who administer it are more accessible than when Narconon were operated here. Finally, of course, there’s less money for them in the UK because proper treatments are available free.

      However, I am well prepared to escalate, and will contact you, if I may, if it ever comes to the HR Commission,.

      However, I still think that this facility is purely for PR purposes and, like an ideal org, will never open.

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