Two *Absolutely Fabulous* TV References to Scientology (from 1996 and 2015)

Abfab2011Absolutely Fabulous | Special | November 1996 | The Last Shout |
View Online | Part One| Part Two

Difficult People | Season 01 episode 4 |2015 | The Courage of a Soldier|
View Online

In a recent post I suggested that television writers seem to using Scientology as a metaphor of ‘bizarre, abusive cult’. I included two examples –  single episodes from the current US drama “Elementary” and the UK comedy “The IT Crowd”. Since things have been a little serious around here lately, here are another two.

marknpm1 provided the first –  two brief references to Scientology  in a two-part special from the BBC TV series “Absolutely Fabulous ” in 1996.  This was entitled, “The Last Shout”and dates back to 1996. Mark also provided the transcript which appears after the break (thanks mate).

The are two references, are at:

  1. 32′ 44″ – 33′ 50″in part one
  2. 07′ 00″ –  08′ 50″ in part two

The (even briefer) Scientology reference in “Difficult People“(a comedy series about the relationship between an aspiring actor and an aspiring scriptwriter) occurs at 02′ 40″ . The unemployed writer (Julie) finds that her mother is organising a party for a friend called Nicole, who has just passed her psychology degree. She is jealous.

Julie (to Nicole) – “Why isn’t your mom hosting a graduation party for you?”
Julie’s Mother – “Because her mother just joined Scientology, It’s terrible. These people hate psychology. It’s a competitor for any cult”.
Julie – “Nicole, does this mean you know Ann Archer?”

Transcript of Scientology References in “Absolutely Fabulous” Special
“The Last Shout”

On video at 32′ 44″ – 33′ 50″in part one

(Saffy and Mother are chatting in the kitchen. A strange women enters the room. She’s shrouded with a hijab and wears a golden mask.)
Saffy – Who are you?
Woman – It’s me Bo! (Takes the mask off) Saffy, isn’t it?
Saffy – Yes.
Bo – Woooo! Hi hi hi! Marshall’s not with me. To cut a long story short he’s with the Scientologists. Don’t worry, he’s not one of them, he’s not stupid! He’s trying to get to John Travolta. He’s perfect for the movie. Absolutely perfect. It’s a whole new concept. I hope he hasn’t run out of money. Anyhow, I escaped, got away. I’m on the run. Marshall’s still with them, the brave crazy fool. Has he or anyone with his voice phoned here?
Saffy – no.

On video at  07′ 00″ –  08′ 50″ in part two.

Bo – I’ve just come to tell you about the Scientologists. They look like normal people. They could be anyone. They may look like me. (She does a funny face) You should be very careful, you’re very small, they’d snatch you right off! (She takes the phone, dials…) The goose flies at night! (She hangs up quickly).

(The phones rings. Bo takes it, frightened)
Bo – Hello?
Marshall, (on the phone) – The goose flies at night!
Bo – Ho, Honey, hi! How are you?
Marshall – I’m OK.
Bo – Where are you?
Marshall – I’m doing Beingness…
Bo – Doing Beingness or being Doingness???
Marshall – I’m Having!
Bo – You’re Having? You got the Having? Get out of there Baby!
Marshall – Not yet! I’m getting close to Kirsty Alley!
Bo – Kirsty Alley…? She’s perfect!
Marshall – What about Travolta?
Bo – Oh, forget Travolta! He’s been a dog and a cartoon… He can be a woman… A dog cartoon woman with Kirsty Alley’s voice, that’s genius! Stay there Honey!



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