Narconon UK Promotes its Services to Practitioners of Alternative Medicine

narconon-ukFor today’s post, I am indebted to an supporter of osteopathy, who has provided some interesting information about the activities of Narconon, which recently opened a small facility in the UK

Narconon is a  Scientology front group, which claims to provide paid drug rehabilitation treatment, but actually delivers Scientology indoctrination.

The website Osteobiz, aims to coach osteopaths on the business side of their occupation. In one entry, the author warns about a range of cons and swindles which osteopaths are liable to be exposed to.

One of these is headlined “The Drug Rehab Centre Scam”… and that’s where Narconon comes in.

The original is here, and I have quoted the relevant passage below. After discussing various swindles (e.g. promises to promote your services on the back of the bags pharmacists pack medicines into, which never materialise) the author publishes an image of a letter from Narconon UK (which was presumably sent to a practising osteopath).

The Drug Rehab Centre Scam

If anything, this one is worse because rather than preying on your for your money, it is preying on vulnerable people with drug or addiction issues. Here’s the letter which Matt Devenport shared on Facebook and which I am sharing here so that you can see what they’re saying.


Matt posted, “Just had this letter arrive through the post from Narconon, an alleged rehab and treatment centre that has just opened a centre in East Sussex.
Narconon are a front for the Church of Scientology which, and it should go without saying, are a nasty group. They prey on vulnerable people to indoctrinate and brainwash into their cult so if you have any patients in need of drug rehab services then please please please AVOID NARCONON”

I absolutely agree with the author on this subject.

This letter is dated the 22nd of July 2016 so we can infer that Narconon UK has been approaching alternative practitioners for some time in the hope of gaining referrals.

In the UK, medical treatment, including high quality  drug rehabilitation services, are available free. Narconon’s small facility here  faces an uphill struggle to find customers willing to pay its high charges. It would have greater difficulties if it was widely know that the ‘treatment’ offered was basically Scientology courses, as delivered in Scientology orgs.

Narconon = Scientology

I have obtained the Narconon workbooks given to clients in the US. These demonstrate that Narconon is practically identical to Scientology, and that Scientology has no relevance whatsoever to drug rehabilitation.  You can read them and judge for yourself here.

Worse yet, Narconon is a subsidiary of the Church of Scientology, and the franchise fees paid by Narconon operations go indirectly (through a series of front groups) into the coffers of The Church of Scientology International.

The letter is signed by Lisa Borg Dip BCNH. I tried to looked up this qualification. It appears to teach ‘nutritional therapy’, and  is conferred by the British College of Nutrition and Health.  Diploma level is generally equivalent to the first year of a UK Bsc degree course.

It’s an odd subject area for the “Intake Counsellor” of a drug rehabilitation facility – until you learn of Narconon’s obsession with giving their clients potentially dangerous overdoses of vitamins and minerals (including niacin, which can cause liver damage).

Her name no longer appears on the Narconon UK website.

Narconon is  strangely secretive about its  facility here – so, if you have any information about Narconon UK,  you are most welcome to contact me by email.





Full disclosure: I, personally,  am highly sceptical about ‘alternative medicine’. It seems to me that there is only  medicine is that be shown to work, through a series of fair tests called ‘scientific method’ and The British National Health Service website entry on osteopathy notes that “Although osteopaths may use some conventional medical techniques, the use of osteopathy isn’t always based on scientific evidence”. It continues to give a fair assessment of the limited evidence base for the treatment.

Having said that, I don’t doubt the sincerity of the person who operates the site which I have quoted from today.


2 thoughts on “Narconon UK Promotes its Services to Practitioners of Alternative Medicine


    One’s addition, further, per Scientology’s actual theory, as Luke Catton tells in his above out of print book, will include a lot of exorcism of “body-thetans” (not “thetans”, but “body-thetans” is the correct secret two-word word that the Scientologists are NOT allowed to define, it’s so supposedly damaging for uninitiated Scientologists to speculate what mental spiritual damage that their individual infestations of “body-thetans” might be doing to their spiritual mental well being, so Narconon staffers and neither are official Scientologists thus allowed to even define the theory behind Scientology’s exorcism); this is important to find out that in Scientology, you have to do a lot of “OT Drug Rundown” exorcism of your drug addicted “body-thetans” to fully handle your drug addition. The Naronon rehab problem is actually in full Scientology theory only a temporary “handling.”

    So in actual factual written provable details of L. Ron Hubbard’s FULL Scientology theory, the Narconon is really a shortrange “fix” and a person would someday have to do the “OT Drug Rundown” in Scientology, to fully and forever handle their addition.

    That’s obviously fantasy on top of fantasy.

    In all cases, skip Narconon, seek other help.

    Chuck Beatty
    ex Scientologist training supervisor

    • Two of the many strange features of Hubbard’s ‘theory’ of drug addiction are the notions that:

      a) Drugs are stored in fat cells
      b) These drug residues can be ‘re-activated’ at any time for ever, producing the original effects – unless the recovering addict undertakes Narconon ‘therapy’

      The scientific fact is that drugs are not stored in fat cells. Drugs are, in fact, highly reactive substances which are typically metabolised within weeks or months. While the ‘fat cells’ hypothesis is just plain wrong, the notion that drug residues can be ‘re-activated’ is insane. If this was true, addicts would never buy drugs – they would just reactivate their (non-existent) ‘residues’ again and again. Magic everlasting drugs just doesn’t make any sense.

      One explanation I have heard for this is that, from Scientology’s point of view, the story about drug residues is a ‘white lie’. The reactivation of drugs effects is actually not physical. It derives from drug experiences in ‘previous lives’. This deception is held to be acceptable because Narconon ‘students’ are assumed to be going to take more advanced Scientology ‘courses’ where they will eventually learn these things. It’s for their own good, because they would not believe ‘the truth’ without extensive preparation.

      This strikes me as a retrofit designed to make sense of the glaring contradictions and nonsensical assertions in Hubbard’s writings, which are held, as matter of faith, to be infallible. Hubbard can’t be wrong, so you make up a story to save the day, which is only revealed to people who are indoctrinated enough to accept it.

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