A Video Survey Of Pymouth’s ‘Ideal Org’ Building – Soon to Become a Scientology ‘Church’?

On the 7th of July 2019, contractors moved in to start work on a building which The Church of Scientology had bought in late 2010. Back then they promised that it would soon become an ‘Ideal Org’ (a well-appointed Scientology ‘church’). However, here we are, after almost a decade of raising funds from members, and they have only just started work.

No visible maintenance has taken place in all that time, and the building has visibly degraded. The arrival of contractors might be the prelude to the full restoration of the building – or it might have been decided that the asbestos-containing material inside (which are noted in their planning application) had to be made safe.

Just in case, it seemed to be a good idea to produce a detailed video survey of the building before work begins (assuming it ever does) and fences go up. Here it is.

Click on the ‘cog’ at the bottom right of the YouTube window and select ‘Quality’ to raise the resolution all the way up to 4K.  To watch full-screen click the ‘broken square’ icon.



It’s hard to believe that they will actually renovate and open this building, a failed hotel with 52 bedrooms (single and double) two ballrooms, kitchens, bars and storage rooms. You see, according the 2011 census, there were only 28 Scientologists in the whole of the Southwest of England.

However… these things seem to happen on the whim of the ‘leader’ and, next year, Plymouth (and the rest of the UK) is marking the 400th anniversary of the departure of “Mayflower” for the New World. The place might be renovated in time,to open next year, because David Miscavige woud like to deliver a speech with a ‘religious freedom’ theme that he thinks will appeal to US Scientologists.

Finally, here are few previous posts which tell the story to date:

| The Renovation of Plymouth Ideal Org is Underway – With the Removal of Asbestos – Specialist Contractors arrive to safely remove asbestos contamination after the buiing has degraded for almost a decade | 7th July 2019

| The Proposed Ideal Org  in Plymouth (UK)  Approved by Local Council – Game On! –  | 29th May 219

| Download the Plans for Scientology’s Ideal Org in Plymouth (UK) – Links to the detailed plans submitted to Plymouth City Council  | 12th April 2019

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