L Ron Hubbard, the Real Inventer of ‘Study Tech’ and the Tibetan Book of the Dead – The Church of Scientology Bans Its Own Books (Pt4)

A Guide Through the After Death Experience | H Charles Berner | Download Here

This is a very short publication (only 22 pages). However, what it lacks in length is makes up for in its bizarre nature. The author attempts to interpret the Bardo Thodol – the Tibetan Book of the Dead – in Scientology terms.

Berner’s text is not dated, but it probably originated during the early years of Scientology when ordinary Scientologists were still encouraged to contribute (although the copyright always belonged to the Church of Scienotolgy. They wrote books which were sold at Scientology orgs alongside Hubbard’s works.

However In 1983, all such publications were banned and suppressed This included Berner’s odd text After Scientology had been transformed into a ‘religon’ (in order to avoid US tax) Hubbard declared himself to be “Source”. Ron was now the one and only valid source of ‘religious’ revelation.

Today, linking Scientology to Tibetan Buddhism is one of those ‘mixed practices’ which Scientology forbids. However , Hubbard  recommended the book on in the full-page forward (you can read this after the break).

Hubbard’s comments are general – so general you doubt he even bothered to read the thing – but he recommended it nonethless.

Why should Berner Publish This and Hubbard Approve of It ?

Some backgound – and as South Park famously stated, “this is what Scientologists really believe“.

Scientologists believe that their true nature is that of ‘thetans’ – they are immortal, omnipotent beings who can create their own universes. However, in the act of entering into their creations in order to amuse themselves, they forgot who they really were. They became trapped in mortal bodies.

Worse yet, according to L Ron Hubbard, the thetans of planet Earth are inmates on a prison planet. When their bodies die, their ‘souls’ are forced into an ‘implanting station’ (there is one on Mars, apparently) where their minds are once again controlled by means of implanted false beliefs  to insure that they continue to think that they are just mortal bodies, and never realise that the they are immortal Thetans.

L Ron Hubbard’s ‘research’ revealed the only way to escape this version of reincarnation with your previous memories intact, and eventually recover your thetan nature – the practice of Scientology.

Many Scientologists will sincerely deny the part about the prison planet – because they have not reached the level of OT3, where this secret teaching is revealed. This is because very few can afford OT3, let alone complete all the nonsensical, but nonetheless demanding, ‘study’ required to ‘qualify’.

There are (very superficial) similarites between this story from Scientololgy and the journey described in the Bardo Thodol. Wikipedia tells us that,

The Tibetan text describes, and is intended to guide one through, the experiences that the consciousness has after death, in the bardo, the interval between death and the next rebirth. The text also includes chapters on the signs of death and rituals to undertake when death is closing in or has taken place.

You leave your body, and remain in an intermediate state until your memories are wiped, and wiped, are your are reborn. The Scienotlogy version has an implant station on Mars to load you up with mind-controlling lies, but Berner decided to overlook that.

Berners’ input in to Lama Kazi Dawa-Samdup’s pioneering  English Rendering appears to be minimal. It’s billed as “A Modern-day interpretation of the Tibetan book of the dead”, but all he seems to have done is substitute some Scientology terms  for the Lama’s original words, when they can be shoehorned in – for example, ‘confronting’ and ‘willingness to be responsible’.

I suppose we have to remember the period during which this was published. It’s not dated at all, but any book about Scienotlogy  not by Hubbard was banned on the 21st of February 1983. It  was likely published well before that time, during the period when Hubbard himself attempted to link Scientology to Buddhism in order to support its sudden conversion from a rigerous science to a ‘religion’ for tax aviodance purposes.

The covers of issues of Scientolgy’s “Advance” Magazine  from the 70s, in the image below, illustrate this.

Berners motive for publishing his work is probably related to an awful poem by Hubbard entitled “Hymn of Asia”. In it, Hubbard claims to be the reincarnated Buddha. Maybe Berner was trying to support this attempt to stake out even the most tenous claim to religious status for Scientology.

ou can download a .pdf copy of the “Hymn of Asia via this link, or through Wikileaks.

This might be worth a future post 🙂


6 thoughts on “L Ron Hubbard, the Real Inventer of ‘Study Tech’ and the Tibetan Book of the Dead – The Church of Scientology Bans Its Own Books (Pt4)

  1. I hope if Wikileaks somehow disappears in the decades to come, someone saves all that material and keeps it up on the internet for researchers of Hubbard’s stuff.

    Also, I hope this short Berner work also is easily findable on the internet.

    Hubbard, like all these other mystical soul belief practices, doesn’t produce any soul-flyers out of their practices though. No Scientologist ever got any soul powers, just like no one else in human history’s con soul practices have gotten any soul powers. There’s none there to begin with, which is why it’s a con. But multiple groups through history sell this con various ways.

    I favor today the belief of the big long eternal cosmic recycling of everything forever pattern.


    • I have saved the file to another online repository (that’s where the other download link goes) and on my own data storage at home. Anyone else can do the same. I can’t game Google and make thngs easy to find, or this blog would be making me a fortune from advertising 🙂 Also, it is a seriously obscure file to begin with. However, it’s out there in one more place, now and I’ve drawn some attention to it, so there’s that.

      Cosmologically speaking, I favour the quantum foam multiverse and infinitely varied universes popping into existance (and dying) all the time. The only constant is change, after all.

      • good to know, thanks. So, that means we are all cosmic quantum foam, well, so be it. Foaming on forever, popping up into consciousness here and there, over eternity, as now.

  2. I was considering doing a critique on this booklet but after the first two pages realised it was so much bonkers based on zero evidence that I couldn’t be bothered wasting my time.

    • I suspect that there was a drive to associate Scientology with established religions back on that period, when it was co todti g itself into a ‘church’ for tax purposes.

      Berner was trying to please the guru and earn prestige, and overreached himself.

      However, Hubbard wrote an intro, already, so either he was desperate for any kind of support, or didn’t even read it.

      It’s not so much that it’s bonkers as that Berner added nothing of the slightest substance to the original text.

      • scicit, When I first read the now discontinued “Phoenix Lectures” book, that volume prattles on and on, and it was 1954ish writing, attempting to link Scientology to ancient religious traditions, specifically soul enlightenment type of linking. Also 8-8008, and 8-80 and other writings clearly tried to link Scientology’s soul “case” addressing to a sort of therapy for the soul, that was to lead to soul freedom. And thus it earns categorization as a religion, so claims Hubbard. That always has been a stumbling block to entire dismissal of Scientology, since from the soul “case” addressing building block of Scientology’s therapeutic talk-therapy pseudo-science, and then it’s even more “religious-like” exorcism of Xenu’s “body-thetans” on the late 1960s and afterwards (OT 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of today all address the surplus souls that Xenu supposedly earth-dumped on all us humans) because of this soul and “case” addressing (past lives addressing is clearly done on New Era Dianetics which supposedly leads to the Hubbard “Clear” spiritual status), I have always thought Hubbard has laid down just too much intertwined soul stuff to seemingly successfully qualify its “religious” categorization.

        In fact my whole wasted 27 personal years in Scientology, were all due to me thinking Scientology would deliver to me what is written in “Scientology:Fundamentals of Thought” the introductory public book published in the mid 1950s.

        Hubbard believed in the soul, apparently to the bitter end of his life, based on the final pages of what Sarge tells Lawrence Wright in the final pages of “Going Clear…”

        Anyways, I like the comment above about Quantum foam, as that fits and answers my lifelong quest for the “soul”, in that I believe “we” are just a temporary blip of consciousness of our brain’s alive functioning, and that over eternity, obviously, if we exist now (I presume we are just this blob of evolved brain field-theory Quantum Foam percolating consciousness), then per the Wikipedia “eternal return” article, if this happened once, then it is a greater than zero chance that something similar will and already happened not just once, for infinitely in the past and in the future, in a “self similar” fashion.

        Anaximander snippets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtkXpYmaWXg&list=PL4eWNQNAVRwQG5ZywD_PlX2cEQJ1SLjlh

        Anyways, Hubbard did consistently upkeep his soul beliefs to the bitter end, so even though he admitted his Scientology was a failure, at least briefly to Sarge he did (per final pages of Wright’s “Going Clear…”)

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