Eight Recent Copies of Scientology’s “Affinity” Magazine Which Were Given to the Public – Why?

UK Affinity Magazine issues: 18 (2016) | 25 (2017) | 28 (2018) | 29 (1018) | 30 (2018) | 31 (2019) | 32 (2019) | US Affinity IAS Introductory Membership Edition | Download here

“Affinity” is billed as “The Magazine of the Church of Scientology of [insert location]” Almost the exact same magazine is sold to all UK Scientology orgs. The only difference is that the local orgs name is  at the top, and their contact details are in the text.

Sometimes, individual orgs get some locally relevant text invisibly inserted.  Issue 31 (published mid 2019) for example, gave interesting information about Plymouth Ideal Org, which I have examined in detail in an earlier post.  Issue 31 is included here in its entirety.

These were given away to the general public with the words “Please Take One”. They immediately struck me as an odd choice or promotional material. They are not aimed at the general public – the UK editions are written to encourage Scientologists to take further ‘courses’, and don’t mean very much at all to outsiders. The content of the US magazine is about events in the US and is given to committed Scientologists who have given money to become members of the International Association of Scientologists (IAS).

A likely reason for this is that head office sells literature to local orgs. This is printed at their own printing plant on the continent and economies of scale mean that they cost very little to produce. However, the orgs are required to buy them at near retail prices. This costs them a lot of money.

Plymouth Org recently  took delivery of a lot of expensive promotional material, including a sandwich board with interchangable inserts. This is used to  promote Scientology’s YouTube Channel. They are required to ‘disseminate’ but they can’t because the last time they tried, they were sanctioned by the local Council for selling copies of “Self Analysis” without a street trader’s licence and the Advertising Standards Authority for the unsupportable claims they made for that book.

The basket outside the org was their way of assuring head office that they were spreading the word. They likely didn’t mention the fact that they were doing so by giving away old magazines of no relevance to the general public, and hoarding the new stuff. They also offended against their own doctrine of “fair exchance”. This states that nothing should be given away, because this degrades both donor and recipient. Scientologists should only exchange goods and services of equal value.

More about the Plymouth Ideal Org building soon.


2 thoughts on “Eight Recent Copies of Scientology’s “Affinity” Magazine Which Were Given to the Public – Why?

  1. That’s good to know about the city of Plymouth crimping Scientology book selling, making Scientologists put out free copies of their “Affinity Magazine” which as you point out is more for newbie Scientologists and not for non Scientologists.

    Hubbard, cheapskate as he was, didn’t set down policy to sending out mailings for non Scientologists.

    To get technical, Hubbard did allow for a (3 Free Info Packets) “Free” advertising printed promotional action. But this hasn’t been being done.

    They are spending their money for the centralized produced promotional Scientology “come-on” luring material only. and that focus of theirs produced the glitzy stuff that goes to persons who have bought something (a book, a course, or some of the Hubbard pseudo-therapy-quackery).

    So, Hubbard’s unchangable policy, crimps Scientology in these odd ways.

    They haven’t given thought of how to meld the “3 Free Info Packets” policy, and marry it up with their media/TV strategic policy.

    Me, were I there, working for them and were I working as a helper in the Exec Strata “think tank at the Int Base in Riverside County CA), I’d look up the “3 Free Info Packet” related Hubbard policies and use that as a justification for doing or carefully targetted simple cards sent to persons, directing their attention to Scientology TV/Media channel, or the streaming Scientology site.

    And I’d dispense with most of this expensive wasteful paper glitzy promotion.

    They can’t think though, and they (Miscavige’s horrible tyrant reign) has crippled their thinking, which to detractors of Scientology this has a plus in crimping Scientology’s growth.

    In my Sea Org career (1975-2003), I worked in the OEC/FEBC Course, I worked on the computerized routing forms theoretical research and writing project, and I worked very briefly in the Int Base “compilations” branch where the Hubbard policy and quackery theoretical/practices sausage is made, and also I helped train numerous strategic level Sea Org management staffers and it was my staff member goal to work in the support team to the “think tank” strategic staffers due to my Hubbard policy knowledge strengths, all never happened, I quit—all the strategic clever management in the world will fail due to the whole outfit of Scientology in the end of day is selling quackery to the public, under the guise of “religion” is the disappointing truth one comes to realize, after such a long long delay of being a participant of this Scientology fading empire.)

    When you think it through, you come to the same conclusion that the people who walk by and take no notice, or who think Scientology is a scam, and keep walking, past the Plymouth Scientology headquarters “Affinity Magazine” being given away free.

    Ex participants of Scientology take time to unwind from the Hubbard hopeful claims and all of the Hubbard’s false reasons for why his Scientology quackery fails. For years I’ve myself been caught up in time and time again taking notice of how Scientology fails at doing Hubbard’s regulations correctly, as if were they just to “do it right per the book” and per Hubbard’s policies, they’d be doing good.

    But, doing it “per the book”, per Hubbard’s detailed regulations, only delays and keeps the scam afloat, in these waves of false growth.

    Because, even if they had strategic managers, doing more closely what Hubbard ordered them to do, and which he in a few loophole policies gives them the tiniest license to revise their policies in the tiniest of ways, all that would only delay the longer range inevitable realizations that Scientologists eventually come to, which is the high spiritual (and frankly delusional) claims of Hubbard’s quackery, are unfulfilled.

    Doing Scientology’s management “correctly” only provides some false growth, and eventually the followers rightly drift off from Scientology.

    Normal outsiders instinctively feel that Scientology is a scam and most outsiders rightly walk right past the Scientology “Affinity Magazine” free to pick up, off the street there in Plymouth.

    All the “good management” in the world can’t make Hubbard’s quackery “free” humanity, in the end of the day.

    Especially, when we learn, as is told in the end of Lawrence Wright’s “Going Clear….” book’s pages, that Hubbard felt that he’d failed.

    • One area they are exploiting is free online directories. I’d recommend critics to Google the name of their local org, find out where they appear and offer a reasonable and factual negative review.

      Google maps is a good place to start.

      It’s something you can do while waiting for a bus, and shuts these sites down for them because they cannot remove negative reviews.

      5 minutes of thumb-typing can make a real difference.

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