booklistsCurrently there are six pages containing lists of books. These  can be accessed from the drop down menu on the top of every page, or through the text links below.

If you know of any interesting books that are not included here, please go to the feedback page, and submit as much information as possible (including online versions). They do not have to all about Scientology – any books which give insights into Scientology’s history or ideas are welcome.

  1. The Books About Scientology Page lists texts which deal directly with the history and recent development of the Church of Scientology.
  2. Books with Sections about Dianetics / Scientology lists books which may:
    • Address the subject in only one chapter or even only in a few pages
    • Address a related subject which discusses Dianetics / Scientology along the way
  3. The Psychology and Social Science page list books which concepts that use an academic perspective to help understand the Scientology mindset
  4. The Miscellaneous Books page lists text that do not fit in the other categories – for example, a novel set in a fictional Scientology school.
  5. The Apologist Books  page lists texts books which, while they may Criticize Scientology, still booklistsargue that some aspects are valid. These books are listed because they include information that is  of special, or historical  interest.
  6. The Brainwashing? Pros and Cons presents modern alternatives to this popular explanation for cult conversion. It includes  books which argue the ‘brainwashing’ thesis, so visitors can decide for themselves.

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