Scientologists in Plymouth (UK) Recruiting for Christmas – What Can Go Wrong?

Plymouth Scientologists used to regularly deploy a handcart, bearing books for sale and an e-meter for the ‘stress test’ in Plymouth City Centre. It has not been seen for two years, after a local critic pointed out to the City Council that Scientology did not have any of the necessary permits for this kind of street trading.

Recently, the handcart reappeared. This video shows it being set up and goes on to illustrate the attitude of local people (who swerve all over the wide pavement to avoid the Scientologists)  quite well.

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“What Are People For?” – A Scientology Pamphlet by L Ron Hubbard from 1966

What Are People For? An Introduction to Scientology | L Ron Hubbard |Pa - coverrinted and Published by the Hubbard College of Scientology| Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex | 1966
Download as .pdf (click on the “Download Through Your Browser” Button)

L Ron Hubbard founded Scientology circa 1952. It proved to be so profitable that, in 1959, he was able to buy an English country estate called Saint Hill Manor.

In 1966 (when this pamphlet was published in England) ‘Students’ of Scientology were flocking there from all over the world. Hubbard had what he craved – money, power and security.

This was not to last  –  only a year later,  the US tax authority stripped Scientology of its tax-exempt status. This, and other legal difficulties, forced Hubbard to hide out at sea, and marked the beginning of his physical and mental decline.

This pamphlet seems to have been offered as a recruitment tool. Even today, potential recruits are encouraged to buy Hubbard’s book “Dianetics”. “What are People For?” seems to have been employed as a cheaper alternative, rather than allow prospects to leave with nothing. Continue reading

Scientology Can Exorcise Gremlins – Narconon ‘Drug Rehabilitation’ is Scientology in Disguise – Part 9

Narconon detox prog.pdfIn the last post in this series we started to examine the second book given to clients of Narconon, and saw that it is based on a Scientology practice (the “Purification Rundown” or “Purif”).

It is a picture-book version of L Ron Hubbard’s book, “Clear Body Clear Mind” (1990) which owes a lot to  ideas introduced in his self-published 1957 text “All About Radiation“.

So far, Hubbard has asserted that he has proved that drugs (including medicinal drugs) can be stored in fat cells, along with environmental pollutants and “radiation”. We have seen that this flies in the face of scientific knowledge and is not supported by published research. In the case of the claim about ‘radiation’ Hubbard does not even seen to understand the difference between a radioactive substance and radiation itself.

We take up the story at page 28.

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From 1996, The Flagship BBC News Programme “Newsnight” Versus Herber Jentzsch

newsnight logo1996 | BBC2 Television (UK) | Newsnight
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In 1996 the Church of Scientology broadcast its first television advertisements in the UK. The ads themselves were practically content-free and apparently unsuccessful. No more appeared until 2014, and those too, sank without trace.

However, even back in 1996 Scientology’s reputation was poor and there was a lively debate about whether they should be allowed to advertise on television at all. The BBC’s flagship news programme “Newsnight” took an interest.

Their report is presented in two video windows below, in two parts. Part one provides background to the story, part two shows a studio debate which followed. It is of particular interest today because the Scientology representative who appears in both is one Heber Jentzsch.

When he appeared in this programme Jentzsch was a high-flying ‘executive’ of the Church of Scientology (President of the Church of Scientology International, no less).  Nominally, he still is. However, he has not been seen in public since 2004 and hardly ever leaves the Scientology compound where he lives. He is now widely believed to be nothing more than a figurehead for the authority of David Miscavige, Scientology’s present leader. Continue reading

L Ron Hubbard Catches Moonbeams: Narconon ‘Drug Rehabilitation’ is Scientology in Disguise – the Evidence – Pt 8

radiation.pdfIn this post we will continue to examine the the second Narconon workbook (download as .pdf) which is essentially identical to the Scientology practice know as “The Purification Rundown”.

In the previous post in this series, Hubbard claimed that the drug LSD could be stored in human fat cells and that, as a result, even people who had only taken the drug once would suffer recurring hallucinogenic experiences. We saw that is simply not the case because:

  • It files in the face of scientific medicine – LSD is completely metabolised in 2-3 hours.
  • Hubbard published no evidence whatsoever to support his claim
  • The ‘proof’ which his supporters point to was manufactured by them and published in a highly suspect journal which presented hypotheses, not evidence, in any case.

As we read further into the Narconon workbook, we see Hubbard’s false claims about LSD being arbitrarily expanded to include, “medicinal drugs, food preservatives, tranquillizers, pesticides, chemical wastes, radiation and other toxic substances”. There is no evidence to support these claims either – especially the idea that ‘radiation’ can be ‘stored’, which is scientifically illiterate (see below).

Note: page numbers are those given by the .pdf reader software, not those of the books, to make it easier for readers to search for references. Continue reading

Narconon ‘Drug Rehabilitation’ is Scientology in Disguise – The Evidence – Part 3: *More* ‘Training Routines’

bullbait zombie

It’s either a very good TR, or he’s catatonic – you decide…

In the previous post in this series we looked at the first workbook given to clients of Narconon’s residential ‘drug rehabilitation’ programme, the “Narconon Therapeutic TR Course” by L Ron Hubbard (download as .pdf).

This requires Narconon clients to learn all of Scientology’s ‘Training Routines’ (aka TRs) in exactly the same way as beginning Scientologists do. Scientologists cover the first four of these during their, “Success through Communications Course” and the rest in the “Hubbard Qualified Scientologist” course. Narconon clients do them all in one go in the “Narconon Therapeutic TR Course”.

There are a total of 13 TRs (which are confusingly numbered). In the previous post in this series I described the first three. In this post, I cover the next four. The next post in this series should complete the task.


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Scientology in the UK – What does the 2011 Census Data Tell Us?

UK_2011_Census_FormThe 2011 UK Census provides the best possible estimate of the number of Scientologists in the UK, and a reasonable guide to the likely numbers in developed countries outside of the US.

It revealed that there were fewer than 2,418 Scientologists in England and Wales – an area which then had a population of 63.2 million people. This means that, in 2011, only one person in every 26,137 was a Scientologist.

That there are so few Scientologists in England (the home of Saint Hill Manor, where the founder of Scientology developed many of its doctrines and practices) is interesting n itself.

However, the full census data reveals more. By cross-referencing the results, the number of male and female Scientologists and their age profile can be seen

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