Other Print Media

stack-of-magazinesCurrently there are three pages containing lists of print media other than books.

These pages can be accessed from the drop down menu on the top of every page, or through the text links below.

If you know of any interesting material that is not included here (historical or topical) please go to the feedback page, and submit as much information as possible (including online versions).

  1. The Magazines and Periodicals page lists articles relating to Dianetics and Scientologystack-of-magazines
  2. The Government Archives page lists official notice, including debates and inquiries concerning Dianetics and Scientology
  3. The Academic Papers page lists work published in academic journals
  4. The Reviews of Scientology Books by L Ron Hubbard list reviews of Hubbard’s writings by qualified individuals, beginning with “Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health”

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