Reviews of Scientology Books by L Ron Hubbard

DianeticsReviews of “Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health” (First Edition)astounding-big
(<–  Image on left of page)
New York, Hermitage House, 1950
by L Ron Hubbard

Reviews of the first edition of “Dianetics” are listed below.

Extracts from this book were serialised in “Astounding Science Fiction”, beginning  in 1950, kick-starting a brief Dianetics craze (Image on right of page –>).

It should be noted that, despite Scientology’s contention that Hubbard’s words are sacrosanct, and must not be altered, changes have been made in the official reprints of this book (critics suggest that these alterations were necessary to bowdlerise Hubbard’s misogyny and racism).

American journal of psychiatry1950 The American Journal of Psychiatry
Vol. 107, No. 6, December 1, pages 477-478
Robert E. Peck MD
Full Text online PDF











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