Mission: Tyrannical – The UK Newspaper “The Sunday Times” on Scientology

DSC_0381Mission: Tyrannical: The Secrets of Scientology |The Sunday Times (UK) | Section 4 – News Review Supplement pp 1 &2 |13th March 2016 | Download as .pdf

The Sunday Times have pushed on the boat on this article – they have even timed it to appear on the very day that Scientologists celebrate the birth of L Ron Hubbard, the founder of their Church.

The days when the British media were afraid of the Church of Scientology seem to be long gone.

  • The more liberal  Defamation Act 2003 (which passed into law on the first of January 2014 ) made it significantly more difficult to suppress critical comment on the grounds of libel
  • As membership declines, Scientology is losing the organisational ability to harass multiple critics

After the break-  the full text of the two-page article and comment.

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The Lincolnshire Echo (A UK local Newspaper) Falls For a Scientology Front Group – Why Does This Happen?

Press ReporterThe Lincolnshire Echo | Citizens Commission on Human Rights claims ADHD is a fake condition | August 29 2015  | Download as .pdf |
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The Lincolnshire Echo is a UK local Newspaper which was recently  taken in by a Scientology front group dedicated to attacking psychiatry.

It published the brief article above, which reports a claim that  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is  a fraud, but presents no supporting scientific evidence whatsoever. All it says is:

A mental health watchdog group has claimed that ADHD is a fake condition and could be costing the taxpayer more than £119m a year in benefits payments. The Citizens Commission on Human Rights has said in a statement that ADHD benefits claims are providing families with a benefits boost which is difficult to resist.

The Citizen’s Commission for Human Rights (CCHR) is not an official ‘mental health watchdog’ – it’s a anti-psychiatry front group wholly owned by the Church of Scientology, and the CCHR are claiming that parents are conniving with psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies. The parents are supposedly drugging their own children for the sake of the state benefits they receive and the psychiatrists are accused of peddling unnecessary medication.

This is an insult to every parent who strives to look after a child with challenging behaviour and to the psychiatric profession – and it is being reported in a respectable local newspaper. You really would think that the journalists at the  Echo might have asked for evidence to support of this sensational and almost libellous accusation. They didn’t. Why not? And why did they report this story in the first place (it’s hardly local news)? Continue reading

Another Scientology Wedding in the UK (Plymouth) – Does This Make a Difference?


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Western Evening Herald  | Wednesday 28th January 2015
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I couldn’t resist this Scientology-related story from a local paper in Plymouth in the UK (where I happen to live).

The Church of Scientology seem to have embraced an opportunity to generate some positive PR which is essentially critic proof. Anyone who criticises a ‘Church’ wedding is going to sound mean.

I sincerely wish this couple well. At the same time, we still need to examine the claims made in this article more closely because it contains a number of  factual errors, distortions and omissions.

After the break, there is a complete transcript of this news item, followed by my  (slightly different) interpretation.

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