“The Auditor”: 30 Years of Broken Promises from L Ron Hubbard

the auditorI recently came across a large number of .pdf  documents –  scans of a Church of Scientology periodical called “The Auditor” that more-or-less cover the period from 1966 – 2000.

Providing you have Adobe Acrobat, or a similar program, installed on your computer, you should be able to read these ‘newspapers’ as easily as an eBook. With the correct application installed, they can also be viewed on tablets.

“The Auditor” was a monthly Scientology newspaper, which was distributed to members of the church worldwide. As you can see from the image to the left, it was an old-fashioned monochrome publication on newsprint.

These files represent a primary source for claims made that the Church of Scientology has made over the last 30-odd years. Most copies were released when it was still led by its founder, L Ron Hubbard.

Read on for a few extracts from these files – and links enabling you to save and view them –  one at at time, or all in one download.

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Plymouth (UK) Ideal Org – A Reality Check in Bricks and Mortar

2014-05-23 16.06.58Welcome to the City of Plymouth (the one in the UK).

Scientology does not have a imposing presence here. The church has occupied the same small shop for more than 25 years, and membership has seen better days.

 A few members of the small group of active Scientologists occasionally push a brightly-painted wooden handcart (laden with e-meters and copies of  “Dianetics”)  into the nearby shopping area, where they “disseminate”. Apart from this, the Church may as well be invisible.

However, in 2010 – after a long fund-raising campaign, the Church of Scientology bought a redundant hotel a few miles away. It cost £1,000,000 ($1,680,187).  The Church  promised that their new acquisition would soon be refurbished -to become an “Ideal Org” (a sort of ‘Super Church’). Another drive to raise £2,500,000 ($4,200,391) for this work was immediately launched.

Years later, no work has been done, no plans have been filed and the building is visibly decaying. Read on, for up-to-date high resolution pictures (taken on the site, today) and a little speculation about the state of mind of the Scientologists of Plymouth. Continue reading

Scientology ‘Assists’ Handbook

touch assistScientology ‘Assists’ Handbook
Download File from Wikileaks
If you have Bittorrent Software installed, you can also use these Torrent and Magnet

The file above was removed from Mega (a cloud service I had been using to provide downloads) on the 20th of April 2015, after a complaint by the Church of Scientology.

This is the handbook issued to Scientologists who are being ‘trained’ to perform ‘assists’ (for example the ‘touch assist‘ seen in the image).

These are techniques which are  officially claimed only to “alleviate physical pain and discomfort”.  Unofficially,  however, miraculous cures are routinely attributed to ‘assists’ .

For example , to quote from this document,

“[…] the ‘Bring Back to Life Assist’ which has been successfully used to revive a person who has literally left his body for dead”.

The handbook also lists the following ‘cures’:

  1. A child being treated in hospital for  “[…] an obsessive nosebleed […]” (whatever that is) was not only cured but ,”The assist actually saved the girl’s life”.
  2. Someone “too weak to stand” was “cured” in six minutes.
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Scientology Glossaries

scientology_abridged_dictionaryScientology Glossaries

Ex-Scientology Kids (current) Full Text Online HTML
Scientology Critical Information Directory (current) Full Text Online HTML
Tampa Bay Times (2014)  Full Text Online HTML
Operation Clambake (1994 – 1997) Full Text Online HTML

One of the things that strikes non-Scientologists is the language used by members, laden with abbreviations, acronyms, coined words, lingo and even re-defined common words. All of the official terms are listed in Scientology dictionaries, which Scientologists are required to buy.

Teasing some meaning out of Scientology’s pronouncements is difficult enough, without having to learn a new language. We hope that these resources help. The first link (ex-Scientology Kids) is up-to-date, comprehensive, and accessible.
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