Two *Absolutely Fabulous* TV References to Scientology (from 1996 and 2015)

Abfab2011Absolutely Fabulous | Special | November 1996 | The Last Shout |
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Difficult People | Season 01 episode 4 |2015 | The Courage of a Soldier|
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In a recent post I suggested that television writers seem to using Scientology as a metaphor of ‘bizarre, abusive cult’. I included two examples –  single episodes from the current US drama “Elementary” and the UK comedy “The IT Crowd”. Since things have been a little serious around here lately, here are another two. Continue reading

Scientology vs “South Park”

south parkThe works of Trey Parker and Matt Stone are not for everyone. They specialise in biting satire presented with such creatively bad taste, that it’s in good taste.

They are probably best known for the anarchic cartoon series “South Park”, which has so far seen 247 episodes over 17 seasons.

Of course, “South Park” is featured here because of its conflict with the Church of Scientology. This began with a short film (“The Gauntlet”) followed by the full episode “Trapped in the Closet”. This episode satirised not only the beliefs of the Church, but also the character and  behaviour of its celebrity adherents (notably Tom Cruise, who believes himself to be ‘second in command’ in the Church hierarchy).

Typically, Scientology could not ignore this challenge, and attempted to strike back at South Park Studios in a number of ways – all of which backfired on them by attracting media attention to the very points that they were trying to suppress.

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