Understanding the Scientology Mindset (a series) – Introduction

In this blog, I’ve reached a point of diminishing returns – for example, it’s now very difficult to find new books to include in the booklists – and there are certainly not enough to sustain regular posts.

calvin-writingThis leaves me with two alternatives – call it a day, or try to create some interesting material all by myself. Those who follow this blog (calm down, both of you) will be pleased to learn I have decided to try.

The idea is to write a series “Understanding the Scientology Mindset”. Each post will introduce a concept from psychology &/or social science, and then apply it to Scientology, to see if it helps to explain the most puzzling thing about Scientologists – why they believe, and defend, and work hard for a doctrine that is so bizarre and incoherent.

Scientology exploits many aspects of human nature to insure the obedience of its members. The first posts in this series will describe the classic psychological experiments that uncover a number of these human weaknesses.

Near the end of the series, I will try to show what makes Scientology unique – the ability of the organisation to exploit so many human weakness in a way that gradually draws people into it – and how this process gradually creates the ‘Scientology mindset’.

These ‘episodes’ will alternate with posts describing interesting books, videos, links &c about Scientology as before. The first ‘new style’ post will appear tomorrow. As always, feedback is most welcome.