Big League Sales Closing Techniques – Scientology’s Ecclesiastical Sales Manual

bigleaguesales1971| Big League Sales Closing Techniques | Les Dane |

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ISBN-10: 0130761257
ISBN-13: 978-0130761255

Later versions of the “Hard Sell Pack” (which I have described in the previous post) contained copies of “Big League Sales Closing Techniques” (1971). Hubbard made it required reading for “Registrars” – those Scientologists who are tasked with selling Scientology courses.

It should be noted that whenever a Church member completes a course, one of the first places they are taken (before the euphoria wears off) is the registrar, who is specifically instructed not to let that person leave until they have committed to taking  (and paying for) the next one.

In Scientology, the person who persuades a believer to pay a substantial sum of money for their next Church ‘service’  was trained by a car salesman whose particular expertise was not letting a potential customer leave the lot without buying something.

This book was written by Les Dane, a car salesman who occasionally delivered training at Scientology Orgs. It is one of the very few books that Scientologists are told to read which was not created by Hubbard.

This book is a curiosity. It is exactly what it appears to be – a dated sales manual written by a car salesman. There is no Scientology subtext. As far as I know, the author had no involvement with Scientology apart from occasionally delivering training. The only reason it is here is that L Ron Hubbard decided that it was a suitable text to teach the ‘hard sell’.

Perhaps the appeal for Hubbard was that this book is such a good example of the ‘self-help’ genre. Readers will likely find Mr Dane’s advice on how to close a sale to be manipulative. It is, however, a vast improvement on “Dianetics” – one of the first economic successes in a new wave of  fantasy self-help books.


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